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DVD Movies: where do you buy yours?

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For online and "offline"

I buy mine online at 800.com and JandR for physical shopping. JandR has some great prices...last August i went a little overboard and spent a pretty penny...but i walked out with a stack of DVD's (probably like 50+) by the end of the month

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Circuit City

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Physical store: Best Buy

Online: Was using BestPrices.com, but their ordering system has been having problems lately, I've heard. Planning on giving DigitalEyes a try.
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I've only recently started buying DVDs, but www.dvdpricesearch.com seems to be a good comparison shopping site. And Best Buy is good for a "real" store.
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Circuit City or Best Buy if I'm in there.

Sam's or Costco has great pricing, although not that great a selection.

I rarely go out looking for something. I just impulse buy mostly.
Used to be on Netflix, but I wasn't watching enough to make it worthwhile.
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I never buy a DVD unless I have seen the movie. And I can't afford many, as I prefer music toys.


Netflix website

They have tens of thousands of DVD's.

1) Join. I pay $25 a month for "four out". "Out" means in the mail or in your possession.
2)Search through their site (it ain't easy, lotsa stuff) and fill your
"Rental Queue". Just browse, click on "RENT" and it goes in your "queue". You can go to the queue, display it, reorder it, etc.
3)They will send them out off of the top of your queue automatically. I have 4 out setting.
4) They come in the mail in a little red envelope. You tear off the cover and it becomes the self postaged return envelope! No cost for shipping! You can keep the DVD as long as you want, no return period or fees. As long as you pay your monthy bill, via credit card on file, they will keep you with 4.
5)Watch it, put it in envelope, and into the mailbox. When they
get it, they will send the next DVD in your queue, if available.
6)You can even put movies in theaters in your queue, and they will be placed in your rental queue when released in DVD.

I watch about 8-10 DVD's a month, for $25. If you watch them right away, you can do more than that. You can also go up to 8 "out". Costs more though.

They have a lot of the Original Avengers (Diana Rigg), so I rent those, and many movies. Today I got "Evolution" and "Scary Movie 2" in the mail.

If you want, you can purchase the DVD at the push of a button. Have not done that. And I don't think it comes with a real case.
Have no idea how that works.

They have the system down pat. Really well organized outfit. Very impressive. Much better selection than any local rental place, or sales place.

They also keep a large database of user reviews, and you can rate and/or review the movie yourself.

I love it.
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Ahhh, i just dont believe in renting DVD's. I mean the price of so many of them are dirt cheap, i dont see the value in renting. There's so many movies that i have seen i'm sure i can continue buying DVD's for a very long time, in fact i must around or over 200 DVD's and still growing!


ps. check out 800.com's dirt cheap section!
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I haven't really settled down to buying in one place since reel.com stopped giving them away It finally reached a point where I didn't care about an extra dollar or two, as long as I didn't have to spend a lot of time figuring out where to order. DVDPlanet (Ken Crane's), DVD Empire and DeepDiscountDVD are my primary online sources these days (unless someone offers a price so low I've just got to give them a try).

I used to buy a LOT of DVD's, starting about three years ago, but I've managed to cut my habit down to only four or five weekly
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I guess I am pretty lazy, I get most of my DVD's from Amazon.com when ordering online. Their prices aren't the best, but their selection is pretty darn good, and I often order books or music (or tools) at the same time. If their prices are too high on a particular item though, I'll go elsewhere.

Buying locally usually means Best Buy, Circuit City, or Media Play. If a new DVD is coming out that I "have" to have, I'll check the ads in the Sunday paper and get it at the cheapest place the Tuesday it comes out.

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You must check out http://www.dvdplanet.com for some great deals. They even sell Criterion Collection dvds at a discount (for Amazon for that!). Great buys.
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For me, it's Best Buy all the way. They have great prices, and they can quickly replace a DVD if has a broken case. I've noticed that on two of the DVDs I bought, and that makes it hard to keep the DVDs in pristine shape. Some DVDs, like Moulin Rouge, come in hard-to-replace cases, so buying a replacement case is not an option if I want to preserve the original appearance.

Plus, I'm really impatient when it comes to waiting for new things. So, driving 10 minutes to Best Buy suits me just fine.
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I don't buy DVDs, but if I did first on the list would be Alien Legacy
4 DVD set, best price I can find new using search is $54.72 here:
Anyone beat that price?

Also I would try to buy used DVDs that over 1 year old, just like Cds why buy new if used copy available?
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Deep Discount DVD has that set for $58.56 and free shipping.
Check your total price with shipping from AllDirect.

Oh, and cmon, used DVDs? You don't get that new DVD smell!
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I get them in Canada they are about 50% cheaper there
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