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For Sale: FS: Stax SR-007 Mk1

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For Sale:
FS: Stax SR-007 Mk1

Will Ship To: Anywhere


I have owned this one for quite a while, but I am considering to slim everything down once again.
After comparisons involving Aude'ze LCD-2, Thunderpants, Omega 2, HE-300, I have decided that the LCD-2 sound "reasonably right" and are a very good all arounder to keep as unique home headphone.
The Omega 2 are superior at resolution, layering, imaging and soundstaging, but they are also too picky towards the system behind them due to their complete transparency, and right now, the LCD-2 seem to me "musical enough" to just sit back, relax, and enjoying both the music and the technicals.
These SR-007 are in perfect condition. They are an early Mk1, before the SZ s/n code. They have adjustable headband, which is in very good condition and clean.
The earpads have been replaced and preserve 80% of their life as new.
Me and others have been listening to several Omega 2's, and found quality control differences to be obvious.
This one has great bass, resolution, and layering is exceptional, as I had described it before, a "onion" of soundstage layers, with never ending collapsations and expansions that never end.
It comes with the original box, in perfect condition too.
I'll ship it worldwide. I will quote actual shipping in any case.
PM me if interested.
Thanks for looking

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I have reached my daily allotment of 2 private messages per day, I couldn't send a private message so I'll reply here. I'm fine with everything, I'll transfer the money and send you message tomorrow. Thanks.

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