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Sennheiser ie8/ie7 or Klipsch image S4

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Hi fellows!


I am *finally* upgrading from my Sennheiser cx300ii. Now i know they are a pair of fairly cheap ear-buds, but it is probably my best choice ever made since i've decided to upgrade from my ibud. That said, i've said up enough to further upgrade my ear-buds. I'm currently looking at the Sennheiser IEs and the Klpisch image S4. The reason im comparing the seemingly 'under-powered' S4 with the IEs is that while the S4 has crazy reviews, the IEs doesn't. And when i enquire with my local stereo store, they told me the Klpisch outperforms alot of 'big brands' out there. Anyone with suggestions? P.S I owe a pair of Studios too. I love it alot cause' i didn't pay for it. The sound is nice though imo..

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Out of those 3 I've had the S4i and IE8. I'd pick the IE8 without a doubt if money isn't an issue, it's better than the S4 in almost all aspects in my opinion which includes build, sound, warranty, and comfort.

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Most local stores also say that Beats and Bose are the greatest audio equipment money can buy. Where are you reading reviews? A lot of what I have read on headfi is pretty much the opposite where the IEs get a lot of love and S4 are over rated cause most buy them as their first upgrade from ibuds. Thats not to say that the IE are gonna be 3X better than the S4 just cause of the price difference and you have to be really careful when buying the IE8 cause there are a lot of fakes.

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The way I see your title is like.. Ferrari/Lamborghini or Honda.

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Originally Posted by nikp View Post

The way I see your title is like.. Ferrari/Lamborghini or Kia.



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I'd get the IE8's if money is not an issue. I personally would even prefer the Senns over your studios. To me they are built with two different objectives.


I feel most (not all) reviews regarding the S4s come from the average non-audiophile consumers. 5/5 stars because it was the best bang for the buck in their opinion. So ya for $100 bucks they aren't bad at all. Definitely too bassy for me IMO, sometimes even giving me a headache. Then again you might love it. Best thing to do is listen to them and you'll see the difference.


Biggest question for me is why do you want to upgrade your IEMs? Detail? Bass? Sound Stage? Just feel like spending money? All of the above?


Side note...Local stereo store? Best Buy? I wouldn't even bother asking them with anything regarding my audio equipment, let alone electronics. At least the ones we have around me. Other than that I don't know if any independent stereo equipment stores even exist around me. Probably haven't looked hard enough...

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Thank you all for the reply! appreciate all :) I guess i got tricked into believing a Honda could be as good as a Ferrari/Lambo eh? Was thinking that perhaps the S4 would be a GTR..prolly not.


Anyways, I'm thinking of upgrading because the 'everything-mixed-togetherness' or perhaps what i think others would describe as 'muddy' had finalyl begun to tug at me. After some shop hoppings, i gather that there are other things to look out for beside bass in a ear-bud. I'm particularly interested in something i was told to be 'instrument separation'. In fact even i was told, i've always felt that my cx300ii isn't letting me hear details of instruments and vocals enough. I guess that's the main reason im opting for something else.


Regarding the reviews, i always read them online through multiple sources. My mates told me head-fi is somewhere i should check out before i do so at the counter therefore here i am! Btw, I'm in Singapore for the time being and the local store i was talking about was some place called 'stereo'. Apparantly the audio giant in SEA..


So guys, IE8 or 7? o.0

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Originally Posted by Mingneh View Post


So guys, IE8 or 7? o.0

That would be down to personal preference. Some people here at Head-Fi preferred the IE7 to the IE8 and vice versa. 


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The Sennheiser IE8 are highely recommended, they offers huge soundstage(out of head) and sound like fullsize headphones with better imaging, more instrument separation, placement and has removable cable(overall sturdy built quality). IE7 are mid forward IEMs and gives extra punch to guitars(different instruments more shines), highely recommended for Rock, Indie.
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