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In an effort to sort out the deep and dense world of tubes and the sheer magnitude of variety and type that are available for any tube or hybrid amp I was hoping the community could provide some general consensus regarding criteria that can be used to uniformly quantify tubes- in order to facilitate a more equal comparison.


While there is a lot of information about various tubes, in various amps on Head-Fi- a lot of it is buried in single posts as users roll through various tubes and subsequently post their impressions.


Could we come up with at least, say six or seven fairly standard criteria that could be used to describe how a user feels a particular tube performs?


For example, on a scale of 1 to 10:

Rate the following:

1) Detail in High's

2) Detail in Mid's

3) Detail Low's

4) Bass Impact/Reponse

5) Colour (where 1 would be very warm, and 10 is very neutral or analytical)

6) Value (where 1 is $$$$$ and 10 is $/cheap)

7) Audio Quality

8) Overall Impression


The above are just suggestions I came up while writing the thread, but I would be curious to see if tube rollers would be willing to agree (or agree to disagree) on some generalized criteria and anyone looking up a particular tube would find very useful and informative, and allow some degree of standardized comparison.


What are your thoughts/ideas? What would an ideal "questionnaire" ask you as a tube roller to determine when rating or reviewing a particular type of tube, in whatever specific type of amp you are rolling it in?