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For Sale: Shure SRH-940

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For Sale:
Shure SRH-940

Will Ship To: Conus

I have for sale a nearly new set of Shure SRH-940 headphones that I purchased new.  I have used them for perhaps a total of 10 hours and they are in "As New" condition.   As most of my listening is done via balanced, I find that I don't use these as much as I had anticipated.  I find them to be an excellent sounding headphone, and unlike some other owners, I do not find them to be bass-light.  The bass goes quite deep if it is actually present in the recording.   


I will say that the 940's are quite revealing of shortcomings in the recorded material.   


Price includes shipping within the CONUS and paypal fees.  All original packaging and accessories are included.  


Thanks for reading!


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PM Sent!

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