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Originally Posted by NA Blur View Post


I am always amazed at how my DT990s sound out of an m903 and how I have not yet yeard a speaker system that make produce that kind of airy bass.


Listen to a pair of Atlantic Technology AT-1.


Originally Posted by jiggawho View Post

Not sure what kind of drugs that guy is smoking.
What bassheads want is pretty clear. Have you ever listened to music on a nice car stereo, or a nice speaker system in a club? You hear the bass, and it's booming and heavy, but you also hear the instruments and vocals 100% clearly at the same time. All I want is that same experience in a headphone, yet for some godforsaken reason it's not possible (at least not yet for me, I'm buying the HFI-580 next, then maybe a Denon set).


You want high spl.  Headphones won't give you that.  With high spl it's possible to have more subdued bass and have it still be plenty impactful.  


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For me I never really mess with the EQ when it comes to boosting. I only EQ down with my IEMs. So I figure with the Z0 it will most likely eliminate the need for EQ at all ;). I tend to EQ down the bass a few notches on my Hifiman 601 with my FX700. Basically I could stand to use them on user flat or even normal, but the bass is a bit much at times.

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I will continue where I left in the previous post.


The ZO isn't necessarily a requirement, you can get to a nice very bassy sound signature yet have nice mids and highs at the same time but it's gonna take a very good quality EQ and there are few around that's good enough so ZO definitely helps having.


What I do is to first adjust the lows of the new headphone I receive with both ZO and EQ (it depends a bit what bass boost lvl setting works best depending on headphone a bit) according to how strong bass response you really want to hear while totally disregarding the mids and highs for now. After you're satisfied with the bass response start boosting the whole range in mids and highs until it starts sounding clear/balanced to go with the strong bass response and finally start finetuning the different frequencies on the EQ according to the headphone's needs. Since ZO brings the whole range more "forward" thanks to SmartVektor you won't need as much EQ adjustment especially in mids/highs if you use ZO to get to the same result as if you hadn't used it. If you're not using ZO you'll have to boost the whole range on the EQ more instead which naturally leads to a bit less "clean" result but if using a good enough EQ (like I said kX Audio driver's and Titanium HD's EQ are very capable) the sound signature change easily outweighs the small "artificialness" in the signal these good quality EQs may bring.


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Originally Posted by TMRaven View Post


You want high spl.  Headphones won't give you that.  With high spl it's possible to have more subdued bass and have it still be plenty impactful.  



high SPL can be replicated by simply adding the air coefficient.

typically, it will slow down the bass waves.

you can do this by simply sliding your entire bass spectrum lower.

that means each note is actually playing a few HZ lower.

25hz would actually be 23hz or 22hz


it actually works out fantastic because you do this from 2hz up to 60hz? and you are only missing 60hz, 61hz, 62hz .. as 63hz goes back to normal.


the information wont be lost, because it will be playing at a lower hz.


there wont be any actual 60, 61, or 62hz coming out of the card - unless the harmonics or nuances find a way.




headphones CAN give you that.. but you wont feel it all over your body.

you'll get that heavy boom 'sense' .. but it wont be body rocking.

if your headphones are high quality enough, you can add some reverb and grow one type of body to boom.

it wont be your torso or your legs, it will be a body of air - simulated.


the XB500 headphones give the sense of SPL right out of the box.


it doesnt work unless the song has extra bass.

and when it does work.. the headphone ear cushions start fluttering back and forth with the bass nice & soft.


i think maybe you are one of the generations stuck in the 'i want LOWER BASS dammit'

seriously, few systems get low.

and those that do are not very loud


those that do are totally far from flat (..close to flat..) until it sounds embarassing and dangerous because of serious phase problems.


you can get blown back by a 10hz sine wave until you fall on your feet.. and it doesnt have to hurt your ears doing it.

you need to add a fir filter that is opposite of your ear's natural entrance for that frequency.

if you shape the soundwave towards your ear's natural entrance frequency.. the shape of your ear and the soundwave will become a match and will walk right in like an unlocked door without a screen door.

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Quite honestly, if your looking for a headphone with big boomy bass, look into the Skullcandy crusher. I know there skullcandys, but I picked up a pair about 5 days ago, and there turning into my favorite headphone. The bass sounds very natural compared to the old Skullcandy skullcrusher, and for 100$ there unbeatable. Even with the bass all the way down they sound absolutely fantastic for the 100$ price point.
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Don't get anything skullcandy lulz...

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