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Am I crazy???

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So, being somehow dissatisfied with both itunes and windows media player's playback of cd's (my high(er) end dvd sounded considerably better.) I decided to try out Winamp. For one reason or another, Winamp sounds better to me...less Compressed I guess? For some reason the high end seems a tad clearer to me...am I insane? suffering a case of wannabe audiophile wishful thinking? Or does Winamp actually sound better? And if so, is there a playback program you find better sounding than others? Thanks In Advance.


Oh and little setup fyi: Winamp>Lexicon U22>Koss Pro4AAT's

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Probably in your head, but that doesn't make you anywhere near crazy, just human. You might have had the other players set up incorrectly, or you were using their volume meters and it was creating issues.


You could use a bit-perfect output plugin for Winamp to make sure the operating system isn't messing with your audio. I'm not sure what works, I haven't used Winamp in ages.

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The thing is, I checked that, and I don't have any equalizers on in any of the programs, and I wasn't using any volume limiters either. So I have no explanation for it. Crazy, I know, but could it be possible winamp has a processing so much better I can actually tell the difference? lol

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You probably are crazy, but I'm not going to discourage people from enjoying their placebo - lets face it, our enjoyment of anything is mostly in that area between our ears : anything that gives you the sensation that life is worth living has to be a good thing, right ?


Personally, I've had nothing but trouble with Winamp on Windows 7-X64, but I have plenty of alternatives so I dont bother with it.

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One is not supposed to answer rhetorical question.biggrin.gif


But do try JRiver Media Center with the WASAPI driver


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Its hardly 'rhetorical' here - 99% of us are barking mad, and the other 1% are deluded. The latter are by far the most dangerous Head-Fiers - only the truly insane believe themselves to be 100% sane. 

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If it sounds good to you..you're fine. 


I use the Studio sound fx with it sometimes. 

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 Probably.... But that's a good thing. The crazier you are, the more enjoyment you get out of life.

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I think if you look up forums on Media players the general consensus is that Foobar = Winamp > Itunes, Windows Media Player, etc.


So no, I don't think you're crazy. Foobar and Winamp are known being free media players with the highest SQ.

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I love how JRiver works for me. I got the paid version and haven't regretted it.

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The folks that created foobar will tell you all media players sound the same. For awhile, I thought foobar sounded better than iTunes, then, I realized I had set iTunes to automatically adjust sound volume. Unchecking that feature made iTunes and foobar sound indistinguishable.

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Originally Posted by Hifianddrumming View Post

 Probably.... But that's a good thing. The crazier you are, the more enjoyment you get out of life.

The voices tell me that your are very wrong.


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