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hastens. the last word in beds. will out last us as well. whereas a 's' brand lasts like 5-8 years. it is like a dream(no pun intended). price? $7,500 to $90,000+. think of all the stuff people with money spend it on. yet they actually spend more time in bed than with that stuff. a good investment in ones health and well being. after dealing with hump 'n lump 's' brands one might take out a second mortgage for the tranquility this provides. there are other high end coil beds but hastens is in a class by itself.

your wallet might hate you but your back will thank you every night for the rest of your life! then of course you need to outfit it with sferra bros. linens. thats like another 20 grand but worth every penny. most people don't know true bilss unless they experience this. it can be tried in some five star hotels before making such an investment. i would seriously consider putting this before a good car,headphones etc. most people don't seem to get that idea though.

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Prioritizing a good bed over luxury purchases like headphones is an excellent suggestion.


I got rid of my spring mattress for a Tempurpedic two years ago, and I can't remember the last time I woke up with back pain.  Back pain, upon waking up, was not an uncommon occurrence with the various name-brand spring mattresses I've used.  I'm sure there are many more expensive and luxury brands than Tempurpedic, but it's an amazing mattress.  After experiencing the difference, I'll never skimp on a bed purchase again.

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hastens. the last word in beds. 

Looks intriguing.  It better not be the Ultrasone of beds.  ;)


I like the all natural factor but the idea of springs really concerns me.  I'm a bit put off that they market Down pillows as i think they suck but the other stuff looks good.


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it is not like most people know spring beds. it is like saying a yugo and a ferrari are both cars. i will say if you are in the price range of better 's' brand beds go for a tempurpedic or comferpedic. the latter owned by simmons. either should provide most people far better sleep without caving in after a few years. cheap spring beds are like anything else cheap. let me clarify. not always so cheap to purchase but usually poorly constructed of materials that degrade. consider hastens or other high end spring bed an investment in your well being. you will never need to replace it. so figure a 4 grand bed every 3 to 5 years. unless it is foam. those seem to hold up. some people have an issue with the chemicals though. there is soy foam but it is not as good as the chemicals. you have to be careful though. there are some so called high end brands at a pretty steep price that are terrible quality too. dux might interest some people but it did not interest me. it seemed more of a gimmick. i hear the quality is there though. vi spring and hypnos are competing with hastens. if someone is in that market it is just what they like better. also buying something like this is not like buying a popular consumer bed. the price is the price no bargaining. whatever you do, do not buy one of the very expensive beds sold at high end department stores. i won't name them but they are equal to a 's' brand at five times the cost.


i am a vegan and they do sell down pillows. strangely like everything else they make those are some pillows. sometimes i put human well being over being a vegan. i draw the line at eating for me.

i feel i can do what i am comfortable with. it is not a law. as far as the sferra bros. linens i can't even explain in words. the funny thing is they make 1000 plus thread count but their finest sheets are less than 200 thread count. the consumer market tends to be driven by bs and not at all limited to bedding.


anyways, for more affordable beds i'd stick with foam if someone is ok with the chemicals. at least from a name brand the bed should last some time.


i am just mentioning all this because my journey of good sleep has been a long and painful one. at some point i researched this stuff to no end.

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I'm trying to avoid chemicals as well, going purely organic.  I also agree on high thread count BS.  Absolutely awful for thermal regulation too.  I'm curious to check out these 200 count sheets as they might suit my needs.

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i might need to warn you, the sheets run in the thousands. worth every penny. i don't know if the chemicals are bad or not. i am not a scientist. however, i kind of have a notion that they are bad so i avoid them. anyone ever smell a room with a new memory foam bed? good bedding should greatly improve ones health. the way i look at this is like someone trying to find a cheap doctor. it directly relates to ones health in my experience. this should not be sorry about your wallet in this case. it should be happy about your health! it seems so many people don't understand this. i spent many years feeling rotten until i got good bedding. not only ones back but sleep is very important to overall health. many people think they are fine but do not realize how much this can improve their lives.

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Heck, I spend a night or two each week on the sofa. Sometimes I fall asleep there with the cat.

I also spend a night or two on the floor. Now and then, I pull a shoulder or back muscle. What almost always puts things straight is sleeping on a hard, flat surface. I don't know why.

But the cat is still quite happy to sprawl across me when I'm on the floor with a blanket and pillow.
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I have a bad back, so I went with a sleep number + adjustable (Precison Comfort) frame.  I think it is about 5 years old now and no problems so far (knock on wood).  We use the adjustable feature all the time while reading, listening to music, or watching TV in bed, but it has also helped me get in a comfortable position when I have strained my back one way or another. 


I have no idea how long the motor will last, but I will have it fixed if that happens.  Even if you can't fix it, I would think it could always work as a regular frame.

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sleep number or a name brand visco/latex bed will hold up much longer than a mass market spring bed. sleep number had the mold problem but i assume they addressed that. as i see it, those beds are the only alternative if one cannot/will not afford a very high end spring bed. i was buying a spring bed like every 3 or 4 years and i know a lot of other people have too. the sleep number and visco/latex are fine alternatives to a high end spring bed so long as it suits the individual.


hey uncle erik, cats like soft stuff too! give kitty a blanket or their own bed and they should prefer it. one of my cats sleeps inside a "fish" bed. you get the joke, the fish ate the cat lol.

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Nice to read that foam based mattresses hold up well. Got an adjustable Cumulus Cirro. Some oem brand so kind of hard getting info about it. It felt much more like the more expensive hastens and jensen beds then the other in it´s price class I looked at. It´s kind of strange that double beds are almost cheaper then single beds over here.


Had it for a week or so it does get a bit warmer then the previous as it shapes more after my body but it´s only a positive. I am cold blooded and tend to freeze otherwise. Hopefully it will hold well. The mattress can be turned around which could help as well I suppose.

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foam beds seem to be the closest thing you can affordably get to hastens. both in longevity and comfort/support. maybe even better in some cases. of course they are not all natural. they are laden with chemicals. if that matters. the soy foams do not hold up i am told.

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i have a wonderful soy foam bed, made by a company called Anatomic Global.  It was purchased as a house brand from a chain called 'Back to Bed', here in the Chicago area.  I've had other good beds, one ach of the s brands (including a very expensive simmons black).  The bed has held up well over a year, and neither I nor my wife are small people.  The soy foam is pressure sensitive vs the Tempur heat-sensitive.  The soy seems to sleep a litle cooler.  the tempur can get very firm when cold......


Best to try a number of beds.  take your time, and lay on them for a decent amount of time.  The one we ended up with was most comfortable, and after laying on it for about 5 minutes, it was like it just wasn't there.   I would agree that in the sane price range, the better made all foam beds work best, and last.  do not go by sale pricing, it is almost impossible to price-compare, as they change model names for each chain, and the "list prices" are pretty much bs.  do not go by the discount %, go by the fiunal price and what feels best to you.  buy from a reputable shop, so you have a chance of using the warranty of something goes wrong.



sleep well!

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Sleep like a king. It really made music so much more enjoyable too. I get perfect neck support for my LCD-2 and music sounds so heavenly when it feels like you are floating :)


Only negative is that I have not yet taken to wireless so it get a bit of a hassle getting in and out with notebook in my lap etc. But even without that it´s kind of hard getting in and out of lol. My cockpit not mine but same model. A bit more practical since all is in it´s place so will see what get most time Also have a new sofa which may be the perfect mixture of the two :).


Hard racing chair to bed is probably as much contrast as you can get but both very ergonomic in it´s own way. I thought I would feel more free in the bed though but the way it form around my body mean it does restrict movement some.

Other negatives is that the bed didn´t come with any presets you could store. And it´s a bit slow to operate but I suppose that´s good regarding lifetime of the motors having it geared low.

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Originally Posted by chef8489 View Post

Wife and I have finally agreed on a bed. It is a Simons  Beautyrest Black Natasha.



I've been sleeping on a cheap, stiff spring mattress for years. It never really bothered me, but lately my girlfriend has been having wicked back pain. Luckily, her sister works for a mattress store so we were able to get a very nice discount. We chose the Simmons Beautyrest Black Mariela. It's getting delivered on Friday! 

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back to bed dropped comforpedic for that soy bed. they are one of the more honest stores so i suppose they had a reason. these truly are like a hastens for a fair price. the only thing it is it is yet to be known if they will last 50 years. of course you could buy 8 of them for the price of a hastens.
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