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MEElectronics Thread!!!

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MEE has some great products and they have been getting some of my cash lately.  Lots of options and many happy customers....So why not.....Post yours...!!!


I currently own the A151s....However, have the M9, M6P (for iPhone4) & SP51 on the way...I think I might be a fan....beerchug.gif


Like to thank DnB Sublimity for posting some great sales recently...



MEE A151 & Discman.jpg

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I have the m6, r5 and a151...they are bang for bucks imo...
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CW31P, A151s, CC51Ps...  CC51P is my favorite, great bang for the buck, but not my gotos. 

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m6 is the best workout headphone ever!


When there are sales, MEElec are the best bangforbuck out there IMO.


Great customer service and build quality overall.

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M2 and M9. I just gave out 2 pairs of M2s to coworkers to get them off of ibuds.
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Hell yeah!  I've been listening to MEE almost nonstop for the last year.  Currently own the M9, M6, M21, CX21, and HT-21.  Though I am not 100% sold on the HT-21 sound signature.  I listen to mostly metal, but these often come across as quite harsh on some albums, with their upfront mids.  Perhaps they require a lot more burn in though.  All in all, MEE is a stellar outfit for budget audiophiles.  

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Don't thank me...thank MEE hahaha!!!  So awesome they make great sounding earphones that are built properly available to us...and kudos to their customer service.  I think you'll like the SP-51 Heatfan...I know I like mine especially for $27.

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The HT-21 wasn't quite bassy enough for some of my music tastes and didn't have good enough isolation for my needs, but I have to say that at the price I bought them for ($15 on sale), they were a steal.  I found that jazz and piano tracks were presented better on the HT-21 than on my PortaPros - they seemed much more crisp and clear.  I still have them around in case anything happens to my current go-to headphones.





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Well I am a new MEE fan... Just received my first pair of IEMs ( A151s ) and they sound very good. I found them at for $47.99... So I think it was a good deal. 

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My first Meelec IEM was the M9 which I really liked and used for a while but have since passed them on to a friend who was still using stock earbuds. 

I then bought the M6 but sadly I didn't like at all. I still use them occasionally to listen to movies since I find them quite comfortable but lacking in sound quality for listening to music.

I have since bought the A151's which I absolutely love. They have a sound signature that I really love and my favorite IEM out of all the IEM's I own.

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Postman delivered some goodies....Good times ahead!!!



MEE M9 & SP51.jpg





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I like my CC51 for the price they were offered. And they look so chic.

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Awesome!  Hope you like the SP-51's.  I really like mine especially at the sub $30 mark.  I usually use the black plate with double flange tips.  Although when I wear the double flange over extended periods it's not as comfortable as I like, so I'll be trying some Sony Hybrids later this week.  Majority of times I'm listening to Drum and Bass, Hip Hop, and some Dubstep with them.


In any case I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on a comparison between the JVC Xtreme Xplosives and the SP-51's black plate, bc in your other thread you seemed pretty impressed by the bass those little guys had. 


I have the M-9's and the SP-51's are MUCH better.  The SP-51's bass is deeper and fuller than the M-9's.  The vocals and mids are much smoother.  When I go back to the M-9's I find them to be a little sharp and they don't pick-up as much in songs as the SP-51 does.  The only advantage IMO for the M-9's is it's easier to get a seal with them.  But the SQ is so much better with the SP-51's it's worth it to spend the extra couple minutes getting a good seal.  The only thing about the bass on the black plate is it's a little boomy, but overall I still really like them and don't think I could've done any better for the price.

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I like them indeed DnB.  Thanks again for posting the deal on the SP-51s.  For $27 shipped it was outstanding.  MEEs service is also outstanding.  Fast shipping, great communication etc...


Listening to them now and definitely going to put them up against the JVCs.  I wanted to start with the silver tuning ports to work my way up from "balanced", "enhanced" to "extreme" bass.  I have to say that with the silver, it is indeed a very balanced sound while still retaining bass slam.  I'm sure the depth will increase as I climb the ladder.......Did not even listen to the black ports...Want it to be a


I'm also using the double flange tips.  If you do try them with the Sonys do post what you think vs. the stock tips.


I am officially a MEE fan...





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Hi all :)


I have or have had the following MEE products: M2 (two pairs), M6 (two pairs), M9 (four pairs, I used to give them as a present for friends, they're incredible), M11, M11+, M31, CX21, CC51 and A151. In addition to these, I've been able to test the HT21, too. I've NEVER been disappointed by them. Well, maybe the M11 hadn't the sound signature I love, but nonetheless I considered them a quality product.


I don't have much experience with top-of-the-notch audio products, so I cannot tell if Meelec products are top-of-the-notch, but I firmly believe they offer the best bang for the buck, specially the M9 which I consider one of the best audio products in the market due to its incredible price/quality ratio. I haven't found yet any better headphone for 20 bucks.


But probably the most important point with Meelec is customer care. I haven't found any better company in that regard, and that's the main reason I'm a fan :)

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