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For Sale:
*FOR INTEREST* RSA Protector - Cowon J3 - Twag V2 Eclipse Balanced - Squeezebox Touch - E7 - Fatman Carbon Edition 2

Will Ship To: UK

I'm looking to sell the following items but don't really know what they are worth, so this advert is PRIMARILY to give me an idea of value.


Cowon J3 32GB with Rinke Case in black/black. Excellent condition

RSA Protector, boxed, black excellent condition

v2 Eclipse Whiplash Protector Terminated Black cable (to fit JH IEMS)

Oh... And

A Fiio E7 (I actually have 2 I might sell)

A Squeezebox Touch with remote in as new condition (Boxed)

Fatman Carbon Edition 2 Valve iPod Dock (as new boxed with remote and manuals)


If anyone is interested in these items I'd like to hear your offers, or if anyone has sold a similar item in the past few months I'd love to hear the sale price.


If I have enough interest and I am happy with the prices then I will actually sell the items within this advert.


Thanks for your time and any information you provide.





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