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Originally Posted by hrklg01 View Post

Hello to All who have problems with K1000 distortion's and/or Rub&Buzz:


'had the chance to get from one great guy of this forum the K1000 drivers to repair.

The problem was - as it seems often in this forum - Rub&Buzz or also named distortions....


As already described several possible reasons of this problem, I detected another one which is:

A poor membrane fixation process at AKG

(Sorry AKG - but this is really poor workmanship!)


To fix the problem the best way to do is following:

Get the glue type "Ponal Wasserfest" (it's a specific waterproof white glue where workers normally fix wood),

dispense little amounts of this glue to the normally fixed edge of the membrane between membrane and the frame. Do not worry! You can use relative large force there and shift with it the membrane some millimeters, the membrane is robust!

The glue will slide under the membrane/frame and after one day (sorry - you have to wait!) everything is fixed elastically well.

On the picture below, you see the glue as it's slided below already - white colored!



I'm writing this because - this failure can happen very often by the latest used glueing method. SORRY for this - but it was a process installed at AKG some time after my left from there....  :-(


This is the reason because I did not mention it earlier in this forum, because I just did not know that the glueing process was altered.


BR your's Heinz Renner





Have you had a chance to hear the new AKG flagship, K812? I would of course be very interested in what you thought of it. 


best wishes,


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No, I did not had the chance to listen the K812 till now. :-(

However, from the conceptional workaround it's a typical Studio headphone but comparely relative wide opended. So, if the membrane design is well done and the other mechanic parts like the magnet system do not disturb too much by reflections, it should sound very well.

I personllay just do not like this ear surounding cushions much, because when long listening, I always get hot ears...

We'll try to get a listening test soon.

BR yours Heinz

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Great read. Lucky K1000 owners to have pro tips on hand!

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