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Originally Posted by hrklg01 View Post

Hello to All who have problems with K1000 distortion's and/or Rub&Buzz:


'had the chance to get from one great guy of this forum the K1000 drivers to repair.

The problem was - as it seems often in this forum - Rub&Buzz or also named distortions....


As already described several possible reasons of this problem, I detected another one which is:

A poor membrane fixation process at AKG

(Sorry AKG - but this is really poor workmanship!)


To fix the problem the best way to do is following:

Get the glue type "Ponal Wasserfest" (it's a specific waterproof white glue where workers normally fix wood),

dispense little amounts of this glue to the normally fixed edge of the membrane between membrane and the frame. Do not worry! You can use relative large force there and shift with it the membrane some millimeters, the membrane is robust!

The glue will slide under the membrane/frame and after one day (sorry - you have to wait!) everything is fixed elastically well.

On the picture below, you see the glue as it's slided below already - white colored!



I'm writing this because - this failure can happen very often by the latest used glueing method. SORRY for this - but it was a process installed at AKG some time after my left from there....  :-(


This is the reason because I did not mention it earlier in this forum, because I just did not know that the glueing process was altered.


BR your's Heinz Renner





Have you had a chance to hear the new AKG flagship, K812? I would of course be very interested in what you thought of it. 


best wishes,


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No, I did not had the chance to listen the K812 till now. :-(

However, from the conceptional workaround it's a typical Studio headphone but comparely relative wide opended. So, if the membrane design is well done and the other mechanic parts like the magnet system do not disturb too much by reflections, it should sound very well.

I personllay just do not like this ear surounding cushions much, because when long listening, I always get hot ears...

We'll try to get a listening test soon.

BR yours Heinz

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Great read. Lucky K1000 owners to have pro tips on hand!

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Hello Heinz and all K1000 fans.

My K1000 s/n ~02000

I spent weeks and weeks trying to find and eliminate very low frequency issue/fart/rub&buzz or whatever we call that nasty thing.

First tought ,some loos parts rattle ( becasuse that how it's sounds).I hold headphone housing tight with hand - no joy.
Took out driver with plastic frame from housing - no joy.
Then removed old damping foam and clean driver with preasure air - no joy.
Took out magnet coil , blow it and clean it , I looked on membrane ( everything was ok) put it together - no joy.
I had that open few times and try to find and solve the problem , contact with many people for advice and guess what - no joy at all :-(
That made me mad ,I stop listen K1000 for few weeks to rest from this problem.

Back to K1000 after this weeks because I simply miss them.
I got another pair with higher s/n ,tought that my be firs productions run issue.
Got s/n ~06000, the same problem.
Got another pair s/n ~08000 , the same problem.
Got next one with s/n ~11000, the same problem.
Borrowed from a friend s/n~07000 ,problem was very little I was very happy.
Could hear issue only on very high listening level which I never listen like that.
This headphones was for sale so I said - "**** , I made it I have good working K1000" and I just start to listen a music.
But hold on life is never so easy.After few hours with music I found this sound different then from my first 02000 , different and worst.
I dug up my K1000s and easly found my rub&buzz 02000 sounds the best from all i have.
Low frequency issue was on some of them bigger ,on some of them smaller but I had no doubt which one sounds the best for me.I prefer low s/n with rub&buzz than higher s/n sound with no issue.
Send them back and sold it and stay only with one,the best one for me.

After next few months i had to organize money for Orpheus and sold them too.
I missed my K1000 again and now I got them again ,again s/n ~02000.Im waiting now for shipping ,I should get them in next friday.
If I get pair with no rub&buzz I will be in heaven but if they have it all I have to do is glue membrane to frame
is that correct Heinz?

I made run over all the best headphones and I can easly say K1000 is one of the best headphones in the world and I just can't live without them.
The most I like them in piano which I think there is no better headphones to listen pianio then K1000.
And in classic rock music.I like guitar solos from that time and K1000 plays it the way I like it.

Low s/n K1000 I found fuller body,warmer, better in bass and mids,deeper sounding.
If higher s/n it is the sound is on bigger diet ,that how simply I can describe the differences

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If I get pair with no rub&buzz I will be in heaven but if they have it all I have to do is glue membrane to frame
is that correct Heinz?

I took Heinz's advice and bought the glue and tried it. The glue, without doubt, is the solution. I haven't been able to 100% get rid of the low bass buzz, but something like 90%. I'm sure if I was better at putting the glue, it could be completely fixed.

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Hello to "Bearded Man" and all other users of K1000 with R&B problems,


First of all I want to congratulate that you could dismantel and rebuild the drivers on that high level. I did not expect that you could succeed without special tools...

However, I really think that the glueing method I discribed is the best way to repair those K1000 with that distortion issues.



Important is really that you buy exact this glue I discribed!

This is because it stay elastic and it withstand humidity. Of course also it glue strong enough the plastic frame with the plastic membrane.

Please avoid too much glue - if you had too much on the membrane, wipe it away with a paper tissue when it's still white and wet.

I do those things by using a needle, plunge it into the glue and transfer that little amount of glue to the membrane edge (between the membrane and the frame). You can move a little bit the membrane so, that the glue can easier flow into the slit between.


After the glue became transparent the repair is done and the driver can be used already.

A listening test whith a sweep signal will show fast if you was successful with the repairment.


Good luck and greatings,


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Big thanks Heinz

I thought too - membrane is not at very center of magnet coil gap and when moving with low bass hitting or touching magnet coil .
I placed magnet coil in the "basket" but higher, above mambrane edge . So high to be above mambrane but close enough to let the magnet field move the mambrane and I still had the distortions.
That told me the problem is in the membrane itself

I looked on tracking and should receive K1000 tomorrow or thursday and we will see.
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