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For Sale: KitSound KSDJ

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For Sale:
KitSound KSDJ

Will Ship To: UK

Selling a pair of KitSound KSDJ headphones -


Used but in absolute mint condition with no more than 5 hours on them - 

Good cheap cans with pretty decent sound for their price -


No box but will package properly.


UK only unless you want to pay extra for shipping - 

Will ship next day courier service.


PayPal gift or 3% 


Thanks for looking redface.gif

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I'd just like to register interest in these for my sister, I'll get back to you either tomorrow (she's coming back tomorrow) or Wednesday.

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Alright mate, no worries - Let me know redface.gif

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Well my sister doesn't want them but I'm slightly interested, how much could you do the RE0 and this for? I'm in London too so I don't mind picking it up if it's at a convenient location to save on postage! (I'm a student!)


Sorry for the late reply btw!

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Love your DAP in the picture.  It was my very first MP3 player. 

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It was THE very first Mp3 player biggrin.gif

I sold it a few weeks back, it was my dads and neither of us had any use for it, still a nice piece of kit!

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