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I bought this player. So far, I'm loving it with my senn mx500s. A question: what is the general opinion on this player? I'm coming from a Nomad II (sold). Compared to the nomad, this thing is awesome! The size being a bit larger than the nomad though. Oh well, it doesn't really matter. i'm on vacation in Poland now. Can't wait to pick up a pair of senn 580s when I go to germany and catch my plane back to the us. Sooo, whats the general opinion?
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I'm not sure your Sharp MD player will power the HD 580 adequately without a portable amp.
I own a Sharp MD MT 50 and I also love it.
Maybe the battery life could be a little bit longer, and a LCD remote with rec level would be convinient for concert tapings...
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I'm buying the hd580s as a sort of investment. I'll be getting a headphone amp in a few months, and it doesn't really make sense to get grado 60s now. I'll be able to buy the 580s in germany for 130 US, and I can't pass that up. So, anyone else?
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I think the general opinion is that the HD600s are some of the best headphones in the world, and, usually, it's pretty hard to tell the difference betweeen an HD600 and an HD580
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anyone want a full review of the md-mt90? Or a comparison of the md-mt90 and the nomad II? It's long, and would be in head-fi history.
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I'd love a review of the mt90! not that I'm up for a new mdp, but I'd like to know what they improved over my mdp not enough mdp reviews, specially Sharp ones
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