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For Sale:
KCS75 Kramer Mod, Quarter Mod, Recable

Will Ship To: CONUS

Selling my KCS75's Kramer Modded, Quarter Modded w/ extra cotton, and recabled.

OR I can sell you a pair that is custom modded.

I can do any color cable, up to 2 colors. I use 28 AWG silver coated teflon wire 7 strand with any NYS231 or NYS231B.

Kramer mod and Quarter mod are self-explanitory.


$45 is the price for all of the above shipped.


Cable can be upgraded to any number of sleevings, wire configs, etc.


KCS75's heavily modded have been known to surpass some of the $100 headphones in the market and compare to other high end name brand headphones. Everyone should own a pair of KCS75's because they are $20, but typically you would have to mod them to reach the height of excellence that makes this relatively cheap headphone out play so many others. 

I provide the service at a very low cost. Feel free to PM me to get a consultation, I also offer recables of any headphone out there. Just ask me and I will figure out a price.


Thanks for looking!

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