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Fuze - LOD issues

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I recently recieved all the goodies to put together my first quality portable audio setup.


The parts relative to my question are:


Sandisk Sansa Fuze (Rockbox OS)

FiiO L6 LOD cable

FiiO E11 (possibly)



I was told that when I plugged the LOD cable into my fuze that it would automaticaly output an (analogue) audio signal through the LOD cable, and unless my E11 (or maybe the LOD) is mistaken, it is not doing this.


I'm normally pretty savy with issues like this, but I don't really know where to start with this one. I do have a few theorys:


The new OS (Rockbox) isn't doing what it should do. I will do some further testing and if it points towards this, I will redirect this at the rockbox forums.


Faulty LOD cable. Here, in South Africa I doubt anyone in a 100mile radius has ever heard of an LOD, so there is no reasonably convinient way for me to test this :/ (any ideas?)


I havn't got things setup properly, While not really a theory that would prove what I was told to be correct, it seems the most likely to me.



Any new theories or help with the current ones would be really appreciated.


Sorry about the gramma, I do try.





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Hi Chris,


IIRC, you need a particular build of Rockbox for the Fuze to use the lineout.  There is a thread around here specifying the build.  Has nothing to do with the LOD itself or the Fuze.

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If you have Fuze v1, then the RB should support LO without a problem. For Fuze v2, you need to compile the BR with the LO patch to enable the function. The patch can be found here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/552605/fiio-e11-the-initial-impression-final-thought/165#post_7459838

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Thanks guys, It seems my Browsing skills aren't what they once were, I thought I had combed both of these forums pretty thoroughly.


Oh, and I do have the V2, Haven't installed anything yet, will update soon.



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