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Tell them you are American and you thought it meant MPH wink.gif

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Okay, so I accept that it's my fault for not reacting to the signage quickly enough, but frak it these things are just blatant money makers for the city. I was driving down the street which is mostly an 80 kph limit, except for one short section that turns to 60 before the road ends that I forgot about (because hell, there's nothing there except the end of the road). What really ticks me off is that I was under limit for most of it going 76, and hell my foot was even off the gas and I was just coasting in towards the end. But of course, there's an unmarked cruiser parked right at the 60 sign and it flags me down. I thought there was something wrong with my car at first.


Bah, just so utterly pointless, and the location has really nothing to do with safety. It's just a money grab. I'm sure other cities are much the same; though mine has actually had people trying to band together and file suit because of how blatant it has become. There was a report released a couple years ago about how their red light cameras weren't making as much money as they'd hoped, so then they upped the number of speed traps to make up the difference. 


Bah. Time to sell off one of the cans I guess...


edit: $254 for 16 km over (roughly 10 mph over)


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The other day I saw two cars on the side of the road; one had spun out into the ditch and there were light scrapes on the bumpers. Looked like a minor fender bender combined with a bad patch of ice (the last few days have been bad for that). I pulled over to see if everyone was ok; they said they already called 911 a few minutes ago, but it looked like everyone was ok save for some bumps and bruises. So I drove off, and just a couple blocks away there's a cop car sitting there with a speed camera. Hell it was even pointed in the right direction. I keep driving for another minute and finally I see the ambulance coming up. Fer crissakes, if someone were hurt the police could have been there five minutes faster than the ambulance. 

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So my original post was nearly two years ago. I wound up trying to fight the ticket, and the whole debacle finally wrapped up just a couple weeks ago. I used a service called POINTTS which for the most part are disgruntled former police officers who are sick of the cash grab system. They pretty much handled all the paperwork and court stuff.


My ticket originally would have cost me $254 and 2 demerit points on my license. They got my ticket reduced to a "warning" (which is pretty much a "if we catch you again, you're screwed) with a $150 fine. The fees for their service were roughly $200, so overall I paid more than what the ticket would have been, but saved on the merit points. Hmm :confused_face:

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A list of known speed trap locations across the US:

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I use a Beltronics radar detector - and I love it. The Law Enforcement around here all use the Ka band or Laser, so I can shut off the X & K bands and eliminate ALL the false alarms. If the RD goes off - there's a cop somewhere around me. It's saved my butt more times than I can count. The higher end models now have GPS built-in, so you can mark known speed traps and the RD will warn you when you approach one of them - even if the cop is not there today or has his radar turned off.
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Those detectors are illegal up here in Canada (and I suspect in most of the US as well). Again, my original post wasn't about ways to circumvent speed traps. It was more about speed traps in deceitful places used as cash grabs.


One they've been doing here for a while is the "extended" construction zone. Traffic slows from 80 to 50 kph in a construction zone, and most people do slow down when around the machinery and workers. However, in a lot of places they will extend the barricades and road markers well past the actual construction zone, far far beyond any workers. Once people are past the workers they will naturally speed up, and a speed trap will be waiting literally right at the tail end of the construction zone. Heck, often the construction will actually be complete but they leave the markers up for a week. It serves no purpose other than to obstruct traffic and give the traffic cowboys somewhere to make money.

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