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Mr Triad Audio is coming to Jaben!  

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Dear Head-fiers...

The president and founder of the Triad Audio, Mr Brad Taylor,
is coming to Jaben Singapore store on this Sunday from 3:00pm to 4pm!!!

And he brought along with him 3 sets of the New L3 Portable Amplifier!!!

And to celebrate, we are having a party!!!

So what would you possibly be able to do on this Sunday...

  • try out one of the most desirable amplifiers ever made...
  • hear about the 3rd channel of music...
  • play guitar with Mr Taylor...
  • drink beer...

Jaben Loves You!


L3 specials are now available on our Online Store:




(Free shipping via FedEx!)

- The Jaben Team

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Dear Jabenets...

Thank you all for those who came down and made it a great day for us...
Thank you Mr Taylor for your time and great new amp...

It was a very busy day and we were not able to take many pictures...

Anyway, here are some to share...

Mr Taylor Talking About The L3 Amp

Testing Headphone with Amps

ACS T1 & CL SOLO DAC & Tube Amp & L3 Amp

Customer with new ACS T1 + Corda amp! Nice choice of color LS...

Thank you again for all those who have been supporting us...

Jaben Loves You!

The Jaben Team

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I had a great time that day,  So many people were there! and so many amps to compare!

. Jaben sold all 3 of the L3 's that I brought that  day!   I brought more in the following days,

and  will keep them supplied as needed in the future.  By now all the Jaben stores should

have the L3 in stock! so you can see and most importantly HEAR for yourself before purchase!


And just to add a note about SINGAPORE.  Facinating Place !! So Multi Cultural it is Amazing.

Singaporeans speak 3 languages! all taught in school. I could go anywhere and comunicate..

So modern, clean, and diverse. Subways connect everything. I could walk from Arab street to

Little India then take the "train" to Chinatown, bus (or train) to the Adelphi building where Jaben is

without a map. If you ever get a chance, See Singapore...

      Really..   Best Always,   Brad Taylor   - Triad Audio -



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