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In-Ear similar to ATH M-50

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I'm starting another search for a new pair of In-Ear headphones.  I have a pair of Audio Technica ATH M-50 over the ear headphones that I like very much, and I'd like a pair of In-Ears that closely resemble the sound.   Any recommendations on a pair of In-Ear headphones that will closely match the sound from my M-50's??  Impressions?


Thanks for any suggestions.

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Monster Turbine Pro Gold

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I have been reading good things about the Monster Turbines, but I've never tried them.  Sounds like they are of a higher level of quality/performance compared to the lesser models.  I also did some searching prior to posting and found the Westone 3 and Earsonics SM3 may be a good match, but I have not heard those either.  Thanks for the suggestion Vitor.

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Earsonics SM3 comes to mind, though its sound is actually better than the M50 (to my ears)

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IEM Custom JH5 (US$400,00) -


Is better than the SM3.

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