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Just popping in to join the club. I'm still listening more to get full impressions, and write a review. They're amazing so far, totally floored for the price.

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Tienbasse won me over.


Awaiting delivery !

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Originally Posted by Huxley View Post

Nice one, what made you jump in?


Any impressions, i love mine to bits.

You mainly.


Don't have them just yet, only ordered yesterday.

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And here we get ... a UK shopping spree! biggrin.gif

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Well for the price they're a steal, i really hope they don't cotton on and bump the price for it.


Anadin thanks glad i helped, don't forget to post up your impressions for us.


Archy, good to know you finally caved wink.gif

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Yep I even gave up on FX700's for the EPH100's - partially thanks to you guys.


I initially started looking for the Holy Grail of IEM's (non custom) but soon came to realise there is no such thing.


I concluded higher tier's have diminishing returns over mid ones & they still have their failings.


I feel happy with my decision & its completely irrelevant of the price. Only slight concern might be the low sparkle.




Can't wait to get them on !




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I'm gonna get the EPH-100's in about a month or so and I'll A/B them with my FXT90 and I might through in the TF10's just for fun.

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Originally Posted by jiff View Post

I'm gonna get the EPH-100's in about a month or so and I'll A/B them with my FXT90 and I might through in the TF10's just for fun.

That would be really great. FXT90 was the other one i considered but felt the EPH100's signature might be closer to what i desire.


Anyone able to A/B with GR07's ?

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Well I'm getting a pair of GR07 on loan for a month so I can compare thoughs to.

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Oh man, after reading the impressions of the EPH-100 owners I really want them. I do wonder if they isolate good enough? As in, are they not prone to wind noise?


I know it's difficult to compare a headphone with an IEM, but is the sound of the EPH-100 comparable to the Sennheiser HD25-II?

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I can't comment on HD25 but from what i have been reading, isolation is pretty much the best out of all DD's.

Deep inserts allow good isolation (with the right tip) & should also minimise wind noise. I think they are going to be perfect for jogs & gym etc.

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I joined the club too wink.gif - I love the look of these, and was just about to pick up the FX700's - Bearing that in mind I wasn't all that keen on spending £300 on a universal when I have a custom already - But, there are times when I do want a high end universal to listen to and don't want the seal etc behind the customs - Hoepfully these will fit the bill redface.gif


Ordered from Audio Affair before, they're a good service

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Nice to see the EPH-100 community grow, the UK price of £80 makes them one of the best buys out there imo.


On another note, if any of you EPH-100 owners happen to have a Cowon, please try the "BBE Viva" setting with your Yamahas. I rarely EQ my IEMs unless it's necessary (*cough* IE8 *cough* ;-), but BBE Viva sounds really nice with the EPH-100. It's essentially a v-shaped setting and you'll loose a little bit of midrange presence and smoothness, but gain better soundstage, bass peak shifts toward deep bass and treble clears up nicely. Not for everyone and every kind of music, but imo worth a try.

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Just fired up my S9. Not bad, bit light on punch but it has good detail, useful for anything vocal or classical.


I have a better manual eq set, might be some sibilance but soundstage and punch is much better.


10 80hz wide

9 385hz narrow

10 780hz wide

10 3khz wide

5 13khz wide


Bbe 3

Mach bass off

3d surround off

Mp enhance on


Stereo enhance 1

Reverb off


Give that a try, might be a bit bright for some folk.

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Also it's great to see so many folk jumping in, i feel they have the makings to be the next fotm.

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