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My beloved EPH 100s are finally losing volume in the left bud. Really liked the Yams a bunch but awhile ago bought some Panasonic HJE900 via Japan for about $150 total and these are really close in overall SQ. 

The Yams may have more vocal focus overall but had better bass impact while the HJE definately go deeper and higher with a brighter sound. The bass is really really good on the HJE . 

I would say the HJE have better soundstage but the Yams have the imaging. They, the Pans also  are far easier to use portably because placement isn't as finicky which makes life a bunch easier out and about.

If you don't mind waiting a bit the cost is fair and to be honest the more I listen to the panasonics the more I think I like them than the yamahas.

Plus, I haven't read of any durability issues with the Panasonics.

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The best I've heard the EPH-100 sound: driven by the Geek Out 100 (IEM) DAC/amp.


Geek Out 100 (IEM) with Yamaha EPH-100 and Audioquest DragonTail

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