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My beloved EPH 100s are finally losing volume in the left bud. Really liked the Yams a bunch but awhile ago bought some Panasonic HJE900 via Japan for about $150 total and these are really close in overall SQ. 

The Yams may have more vocal focus overall but had better bass impact while the HJE definately go deeper and higher with a brighter sound. The bass is really really good on the HJE . 

I would say the HJE have better soundstage but the Yams have the imaging. They, the Pans also  are far easier to use portably because placement isn't as finicky which makes life a bunch easier out and about.

If you don't mind waiting a bit the cost is fair and to be honest the more I listen to the panasonics the more I think I like them than the yamahas.

Plus, I haven't read of any durability issues with the Panasonics.

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The best I've heard the EPH-100 sound: driven by the Geek Out 100 (IEM) DAC/amp.


Geek Out 100 (IEM) with Yamaha EPH-100 and Audioquest DragonTail

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I just got the EPH-100 and after 2 days I am very impressed by them.


They best my Shure Se215 in sound quality, and they best my Sennheiser ie80 too (by a smaller margin)

I paid them 75 EUR new, a stellar deal!


They got a great tonality. Warm solid big bass, clean flat mids, and docile highs. The Imaging is spectacular, you can pin point any instruments and listen it very clear. Soundstage is also very good, not wide like the ie80, not small like the se215. To me its more realistic.


Works really well for rock and metal. I like to listen Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Dream theater. The sound has weigh, clarity and sparkle. 


Highly recommended for me!

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Originally Posted by ich1ban View Post

Mainly the right side, sorry, forgot to report that it has happened to the left side a few times, 90% mainly right side though.

Dear xxxxxx,


Thank you for your email.


For your case, our supplier replied us the headphone does not have any problems and we have asked them to provide the technical report to us.


At this moment, we cannot arrange the exchange to you.


Best Regards


This is the latest email from the pair I bought overseas... lol. 


I asked if I could exchange it for a different CHEAPER pair and that was his answer.


I'm not going to accept the same pair back... what can I do about this? should I call up my bank and backcharge them? 


I'm sure those 1-2 times in the hundreds of times it's happened to your GR01 is also quite annoying jasonb(although you can actually fix the issue easily), you'd rather it never happen. First world problems... but it's a problem you don't want to get when you purchase expensive earphones... 



Yeh it's pretty much confirmed that it's the conditions the earphones are used in, non-dry ear canals. I'm not doing anything wrong with them as every other pair of earphones/headphones I have used are perfectly fine and the source of the sound isn't the problem either.

I probably should have moved on after the 2nd time tongue.gif just shows how much I enjoyed the sound and that it's also 100% natural user caused due to a design defect not catering for condensation collected on the insides of the metallic nozzle and build from ears on a minority of users. 

I just suffered the moisture issue today. It was humid out in north Carolina today and I went out with them on to have a smoke and when I came back inside and sat down all of a sudden the right ear dropped about 90%. I took it out and sure enough it was a bit wet on the grill. I never have wet ears so this must have been from the temperature change. So I blew on the grill and the water came out and sound came back but as soon as I put it back in the left went out. So I took that earpiece out and it was wet as well. Blew on that side and no luck. Went to the store pissed off and came home and all is well it seems. Though now my brain is playing tricks on me trying to pick out balance issues. I think they are OK though. I purchased them from amazon two weeks ago. Love the sound. I'm wondering though does this mean I got a faulty pair and I should exchange now while Amazon's policy is still in effect or should I let it go since they are working? I hate for it to happen again and ruin them and then I would kick myself for not exchanging when I could. I guess is I'm asking since this has happened does this mean my set has issues? Should I get a new set?
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Dude, try magnetize the right one with the left side. It happened on me too, twice if I remember. i dont know whats behind it so hope that works.
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I opened the eph-100 many times, to get rid the ear wax that goes inside.

This helps with the muted sound issue.

Unfortunately I lost one of the small internal mesh.

So when I remove the  internal mesh, I have a much more trebly sound.

I tried to to replace that internal mesh with some kind of sponge to tame the treble.

But I guess I lost the original sound.

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