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Hmm, I'm a bit confused right now. Just bought a pair used but in "excellent" condition from a fellow Canadian and they sound good for the most part, matching many of the descriptions but the bass is noway near what I have read. It is, in my opinion quite weak or definitely below the other frequencies. I'm comparing to my past iem and headphones being the Klipsch S4,X5, Shure se110, and the fantastic Soundmagic Hp100 headphones. I know burn in will not make any dramatic improvement with bass quantity.
I'm seriously wondering if what I got is authentic. The ear pieces are extremely flimsy. I already tore a medium/small one removing it in search of a decent seal. Normally a medium stock Klipsch piece from the X5 sealed perfectly yet I am resorting to the large flanges here in an attempt to get a good seal as I know this is the only way to get more bass. It worked but when I tested using the Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up with its defined punching bass line, I feel nothing! I hear it but nowhere near where it should be as this is a very forward bass line, has been in every other player I have listened. I read many many reviews praising the bass and how great these are for EDM but what I am hearing simply could never be satisfactory for that genre.
I wish I had asked the seller where he bought them from but hindsight is 20/20. They arrived with all the packaging although opened but they do appear near new.
I guess I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this with recessed bass and if so was there an aftermarket earpieces that sealed decently?
I'm not a bass head and was quite pleased with the X5 and the Soundmagic Hp100 especially both of which are not considered bass head sets.
Really getting frustrated with the electronics market lately with inconsistent quality becoming the norm and the damned massive fraud of Chinese copies is a huge problem. I remember a time when I could buy some that wouldn't break within a couple years let alone one and was consistent. What's worse is being Canadian means paying at least a 50% premium over our neighbours south despite our dollars strength. Ugh. Rant over. If anyone could shed light on my issue and not the rant that would be much appreciated.
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I'm quite a basshead and I find the bass satisfactory on these. Recently we've been hearing lots about fakes and recessed bass and from the details you mentioned(flimsy tips, seller not telling you where he got them) it sounds as if they might be counterfeit. Is there no way of asking the seller where he got them? That might be something to try.
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After spending time following about with fit. I could definitely get good bass from them, frankly, I am not really pleased with the ear tips. They are quite thin. I am getting a better fit/sound using the large and get a seal but compared to the Klipsch X5 (which are probably some of the best fitting non customs out there) they still allow leakage simply due to being thin. I ordered some triple flange type from lostearbuds and hope they work.
They could be fake but the packaging does look quite authentic . especially the fact it has a glossy plastic Bar code sticker with the yamaha name and model etc. They sound sig is very much like what has been described, I am hopeful that finding a good seal will cure this.
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Hi i got my eph100 a day ago..everything looks fine but bass is nowhere present with flat equalizer..they sound awesome with my android phone with V4A mod(even a low-end philips IEM sounds awesome with above setting)...but on my ipod nano 4G they sound bad..with no EQ..i have replaced the tip..the new tips completely seals the ear opening..

Are these expected to sound (very less bass presence ) out of the box with no settings?

Are they supposed to perform good after some burn-in ?

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It's a hard question to answer depending on what kind of music you are listening to... It is a fairly flat sound signature and for certain music that is a plus.   

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Whew. I think I made comments here a bit too hastily after reading through this thread, making conclusions without really trying the various tips. I finally got a good seal(although the provided tips are thin in my opinion.) and listened to some electronic music at night without distraction and definitely say these do have great bass response.

Now I am actually extremely pleased with the sound. As mentioned here, not the biggest soundstage but really good separation and awesome detail and clarity. The bass is not exaggerated at all but there is plenty of body, tightness and speed with zero bass bleed.

The mids are really clear which makes them sharp and detailed, I also like the highs as they aren't recessed like many others nor is it shrilly.

Maybe I was spoiled with the Klipsch X5 fit as these aren't as comfortable, nor do they seal as well which is why I am hoping the triple flanges I ordered will seal better.

These are IEM that make you want to listen to all your music over again to hear what you may have missed , that's how detailed they are.

Listening to some trance (which I never listen to) right now and admittedly impresed with the bass, not monsters but hit nice with no boomyness.

Here is to enjoying my EPH100s and hoping they last!

Thank you Head fiers for guiding me towards the right product for me.

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Just wanted to share an experiance. Tonight at work I listened to Tool's Aenima album and the final track called third eye was never really my favorite however for the first time I could easily and clearly make out the quiet spoken passage of the song as well as a number of sounds deep in the track which I never heard before which really impressed me as I thought anything to be heard would be through my old Klipsch X5.

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How to find whether eph 100 is real or fake based on sound quality? What are the differences?
I know the fake one has soft tips but other than that nothing is conclusive.
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I have been having a weird time regarding fit with these which explains the bass issues I had. I was attracted to the smaller sizes as I normally fit a med trying to put these in my ear much like the Klipsch X5 (which is similar to the X10 for those who don't know) but it was really to large to go that far yet the tip wouldn't seal. So I eventually ended up using the largest, giving up on any real insertion like the Klipsch but they feel like they are barely sitting in there and the seal is still questionable because its not obvious like most where it both feels snug and there is noticeable passive noise reduction. I'm a bit surprised because my ears are pretty regular and yet no one seems to have had any issue, and to me, it is an issue as the seal drastically affects sound quality. Its just a strange fit. It almost seems like at first there is little bass then after my ears are pressurized or something bass improves. I think this all has to do with the fact that they cannot sit further inside and therefore there is that much more air volume the speaker has to deal with. Its just a bit annoying as outside of at home in relative silence, trying to fit these on the go and knowing when I have the best fit is difficult. Anyone else notice this?

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My (probably fake) EPH-100 arrived. Visually I wasn't able to find any difference - compared to pictures of the original.

The tips seem to be very soft (as someone already discovered earlier in this thread) and only 4 sizes.


I've tested them briefly. My ear canals are very narrow, so I used the smallest tips and pretty deep insert.

The only "decent" IEM I have for comparison is the Sennheiser CX-300 (original), but I have problems to fit them even with the smallest tips and they are not comfortable (the CX-300).

The Yamahas are a different story, I can insert them pretty deep and after 2-3 hours didn't feel any discomfort.

Regarding the sound I don't dare to write much because I have an ear canal exostosis and I'm waiting for surgery, so my left ear hearing is very impaired.

Briefly - I have read the first 100 pages and I have to agree with most of the impressions.

There is no wow effect, but the sound is really nice and natural, much cleaner and not so aggressive as the CX-300.

I'm curious how it changes with burn in.

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Originally Posted by lumberjake View Post

I have been having a weird time regarding fit with these which explains the bass issues I had. [...] Its just a bit annoying as outside of at home in relative silence, trying to fit these on the go and knowing when I have the best fit is difficult. Anyone else notice this?


Yeah, I've been having the same problem with fit. I even bought Auvio replacement tips (something I've never done before): they fit my ears better but I'm losing the bass "impact" the stock tips have.


My problem might be even weirder than yours: my right ear is fine with the medium tips but my left ear is causing me troubles. I can never find the right fit with it. It's really annoying and it sucks because when the seal is perfect, I really really love the sound of the EPH-100s.


I'm not sure what to do anymore. I'm even considering switching back to Audio Technica and get the new CKR-9s. The only thing that's keeping me is the price (almost 200 euros...).

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How would these compare to the Audio Technica CKR9?
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