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condensate and moisture is it big problem or not?

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I like to know that too I already orderd a pair when I read that :confused:

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Originally Posted by stimer View Post

condensate and moisture is it big problem or not?

I  don't know, it seems you need to use them for a long time for this to occur.


And I'm not even sure it's related to moisture . I have an other theory: the metallic shell contract depending of temperature, preventing the driver from moving. I  tried once to apply some pressure in the borders of  the shell (because I  noticed it was not completely cylindrical) , and then the issue was gone.

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Originally Posted by stimer View Post

condensate and moisture is it big problem or not?


Its not!

Only if your ears are a waterfall, in which case you need to go to the doctor anyways and he'll probably forbid you from using in-ear IEMs.
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Glad to hear that too thanks.

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This is the very first IEM I've owned that requires no EQ whatsoever; it's almost precisely the sound I was hoping for. Good work, Yamaha.
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Originally Posted by MisterCats View Post

Ah, heck. I'm joining the Yam Club (that's what we'll call it!). After an insomnia-driven tear last night through reviews of the HA-FXT90, I can only imagine them sounding as harsh in the 4khz range as my current NuForces.


I have had both and yes the FXT-90s are much less pleasant to listen to (well, to my ears anyways).
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Guess I'll never know ;D

So I've been married to my Yams for exactly a week now, and life is good. The treble brightness was a taste acquired, and everything else is just peachy. It pleases me to say that source EQ is a thing of the past.
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I doubt the Grado IGI is a worthy alternative to the Yamaha´s.

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Just experienced the problem with the volume on one side going down noticeably. It went away after 3 minutes though. This is the first time this had happened to me after about 2 years with EPH-100's.

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I am not sure it are the in ears, were you listening to Spotify? I experienced the same with my woodcone JVC and Yamaha´s so I think it is Spotify and or my phone( Internet of Wlan)  because it would be to much of a co-incidence that both in ears suffers the same Problem.I never experienced it when listening offline to downloaded Albums.

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Originally Posted by listenon View Post


Every IEM breaks down with use.


I've owned 4 pairs of EPH-100 and they've all broken down in one way or another even though I'm careful. I take more care of these than I did with my HD800s since they're a lot more delicate. 

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Wow! It seems as I was/am lucky with mine, I also am very carefully with them and put them in a Little case. I know have them 1,5 year,and use them every day.It is intresting to know about their durability, as this can´t be reflected in a Review.

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Where can I get these in Australia?
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