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Originally Posted by Huxley View Post

Well I prefer to enjoy my music, detail is fine but over time I've lost interest, it's the thumping bass and smooth mids that get me going, plus it's a more relaxing sound.
Plus my customs are very neutral, so I don't need any others.

And stop posting tenore porn. tongue.gif

Ah you see, I don't have any customs as I don't really need them.

Too expensive for me I reckon.

I'd rather have some high-end universals like CKN1000 or H-200. biggrin.gif
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Selling my Yams in the UK if anyone wants them. cool.gif
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I'm looking to either get the R-50's, EPH-100's, or the GR07's.  Does anyone have any experience between all three (or at least the GR07 and the EPH-100)?  I hear that the EPH-100's can be a little uncomfortable after awhile and their treble is "strange".  I mainly listen to trance, along with some rock, hip/hop, and classical, so having some pronounced bass is a plus, but it doesn't need to be overwhelming.  I'll mainly be listening out through my Nexus 4 and might purchase a portable DAC later in the future, but that's a big maybe.  Any help would be appreciated!

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I've had all three, to be honest although I enjoyed R-50 with certain genre's it came across bass light and slightly thin for rock and EDM around the mid range, however holds excellent micro detailing, I really think they're fabulous but not for pop, trance, they would work very well for classical to me they sound rather delicate or light weight. Some enjoyed them as all rounders though they didn't hold enough weight for me to use full time. EPH-100 will fit what you're looking for as will GR07 MK2, I also would be considering Vsonic VC1000 which uses the same Knowles dual BA as R-50 though carry's the weight you want for those genres and cost the same.
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Zero Audio Carbo Basso should be a possibility too mate.
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The EPH100 treble is a bit strange at first, especially with trance, but after about an hour you get used to it. Other than that they sound awesome with trance.
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Just thought I'd add to this conversation.


I just got these a couple of days ago as an upgrade from the infamous cheap monoprice 8320 iems. I'm really impressed with the overall sound. The bass especially has a lot of impact.  I also tried these against the shure se215 and the etymotic hf5s.


Now the hfs are nice and clear but I thik the yamahas are just as clear really. But the hf5s have basically no bass, there's zero impact, they really are nothing in comparison.

The shure se215s have a nice bass and decent clarity but not great and not close to the yamahas.


So overall The yamahas are definitely my favourites and the ones I'm tempted to stick with. 


Now I say tempted because there's one thing that annoys me about them. And it's the treble and Hi hat type sounds have a really kind of tinny metalic sound to them. I think some people call it sparkly. Now I've eqd them a bit to try and remove it and i think it's a bit better now. But I'm wondering is there something similar to the yamahas in the price range that will be just as good but without the weird treble sound. I'm gonna try them for a couple of days more and see if i can adjust to it. But I'd like to hear others opinons. 


If the shures had the same clarity as the yamahas I'd use them ,is there a pair of headphones in the $150 dollar range that would be the best of both?

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I'm using my eph-100 from times to times just to get some isolation,  if there's some noise while I sleep.

No sure it's a good idea, but it works.

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@Vimes The treble should improve after an intense burn in.

Remember, those HD micro drivers are pretty stiff at first.
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I'll definitley wait a day or 2 before I make a decision. I'm just trying to figure is it gonna be worth the huge price difference to keep them. My monprice iesm are actually quite good, but i can't get a proper seal that well so the bass never sounds right. I think the yamahas are of better sound quality overall though, but monoprice are £5 and yamahas are £99 so going to be very picky with them.

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Originally Posted by Vimes View Post

 I think the yamahas are of better sound quality overall though, but monoprice are £5 and yamahas are £99 so going to be very picky with them.

Oh come on, £99 are so easily spent in the world of audio.  It's all about enjoyment (yeah, forget all the technicalities, and start to listen music) , and if the price bother you that much, just stay with your monoprice, it's that simple.

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The price isn't a massive deal, but obviously something that costs 20 times as much as the other should be a fair sight better. I've been playing around with eq settings on these yamahas though and I'm really starting to enjoy them, definitely need a bit of use before they burn in or adjust to my ears.

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Your brain will adjust to them soon enough, we at Head-Fi call that "Brain Burn" lol
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Originally Posted by Vimes View Post

The price isn't a massive deal, but obviously something that costs 20 times as much as the other should be a fair sight better.

It's not always obvious,  each headphone has it own "character",  you might like it or not.

If you look at the "Rank the Headphones that You Own" thread, you 'd see often that cheaper headphone are ranked above more expensive ones.

Beside technicalities, there's a matter of taste.

Also "sound quality" doesn't increase proportionally with price,  you might be disappointed by the sound quality / price ratio, if you listen to some high end headphone.

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Shame that so many companies are conning people out of money then. I know higher pricer doesn't mean better product, but normally with technology the higer priced items are better, in general. Though I think there's a definite increase in quality compared to monoprice but I do prefer the harsher sound signature of the monoprice. But the more I listen to the smoother yamahas it's growing on me. There's definitely is a kind of brain burn in as andreas is saying. It's like if you calibrate a monitor, at first you might think it looks way off but then you sit with it for a few days and turn it back to it's original settings and you realise how bad it was.

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