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For Sale: SOLD!!! Headstage Arrow 2.2g!!!

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For Sale:
SOLD!!! Headstage Arrow 2.2g!!!

Will Ship To: Anywhere

The 2.2g Arrow I think is the better of the generation of Arrow, in as far as having the highest impedence while still being compatible with the UE TF10s, and their crossovers issue, by also having a 0 impedence output, so 0/65/110 IMP. it's a very a noticeable IMP output! does great with hot treble!


it also has great gain and bass output!! which will be lesser in the newer 4g Arrow, I can't imagine haveing any lesser bass or gain boost, as it is already in a sweet spot!!


I recently just got this from DT he's the original owner, it works great! and sounds fantastic! and is in perfect condition! besides 2 very unoticeable nicks on one edge of each input that can be clearly seen in the pics.~~~and DT is supposed to get a new case from Robert if/when he gets the time? and I can have him forward it along to you, or to me to you, it also comes with the original accessories: screw driver, Powerstrips, USB cable, also it has about 100 hours on it between DTs and my use,


and so in a side by side along with my Voyager amp, my brick of an amp Voyager won out slightly more to my ears, although with its awesome sound, ultra portability, and pretty great sound control, I still wound up getting into my Voyagers sound signiture over the Arrows, now I really wish I had some diferent IEMs to try out with the Arrow, but the Arrow did a wonderful job in compensating for the EX600s sibilant and overly bright highs, to the point where I was finally able to turn off my iPod classics EQ. yea! but in the end I was missing the Voyagers SS.


                                                                   SOLD!!! thanks Head-Fiers!!!!!!!  


Price is $265.00 USD or best offer + PayPal fees as a gift or add 4%, free shipping lower 48 USA! international sales will pay shipping diference, shipping will also have tracking!   


or I will wait to trade up to the Arrow 4g when it comes around for the $25.00 upgrade fee that Robert charges!


thanks for looking!


BASS, GAIN, CROSS, IMP Adjustment Switches

The four switches have the following function:

BASS - improves lower frequencies (bass)

GAIN - adjusts the amplification gain (volume range) to 6dB, 12dB, 21dB; using a

lower gain results in lower noise, otherwise the sound is the same

IMP - adjusts the output resistor to 10, 70 or 110 ohm, a higher resistor cuts off

high frequencies, but the result depends on the impedance rating of your

headphones - just use the value that you like most

CROSS - the crossfeed simulates external speakers in a manner that the right ear

hears music from the left speaker and vice versa -- the result is a more natural

listening experience

Change Log

Arrow 1G

Since mid February 2010: Improved sensitivity of automatic

switch (will not turn off accidentally)

Since April 2010: Nuts are directly soldered on the circuit board

(will not get loose)

Arrow G2.0

Second headphone jack

No real power switch

Deeper bass boost 9dB + 9dB

Longer battery run time (up to 50 hours)

Film input caps

Lower ESR power rail caps and decoupling caps

Rear switches are more recessed (less sticking out)

Better firmware (faster power shifting, more precise battery

voltage detection etc.)

Arrow G2.1

New pre-amp (less switch-on click noise)

Arrow G2.2

Change of output resistors from 10/75/120 to 0/65/110 (better

synergy with some IEMs like Triple.Fi 10 which sound weird with

any output resistor)

Arrow G3.0

Change of output resistors to 0/20/65 (better control of treble)

Additional ceramic capacitors to lower impedance of tantalum

caps (virtual better treble but barely noticeable)

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For Sale: $120 (USD)
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is a comment on the price possible?

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ex1000 is the only one you want? how about se535

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