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Hello to all,


I've found your forum after starting a search for a head phone system. I did until a few years ago have a very high end hi-fi system. However due to several factors I no longer have any system. I'm looking to utilise my MacBook as a source and I'm considering the following;


Lehmann Audio Black Cube USB

Sennheiser HD650

Grado SR325i 

Grado RS2i


I listen to all genres of music, but as my user name suggests a fair bit of prog rock. I'm told a good head based system can sound as good as a full size speaker based system costing 10 times as much. Is this really the case? I used to really enjoy the soundstage abilities of my old system and I'm worried a head based system won't cut it at all. 


That said I'm basing my worries on my experiences with an iPhone and the supplied in-ear phones........... smile.gif


If anybody would like to chime in with their thoughts on my audition list, and also my concerns I'd sure appreciate it darthsmile.gif