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Astro Mixamp Help?

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im not sure if this is the right place to ask but i was wondering if theres anything i can do to my astro mixamp to improve the sound quality? it seems pretty bad

and reviews have said the turtlebeach dss is far more superior in terms of sound quality


i would get the dss but it doesnt handle the chat so i need to stick with the mixamp, and you guys know everything about audio and mods etc so thought id ask what i could do for my xbox



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Where have you heard that?  That's far from the truth.  Both amps are pretty transparent, all they do really is provide dolby headphone.  If there's any lack of sound quality, it's coming from your headphone-- whether the headphone is already bad, or it can't be driven properly by the mixamp.


I've had both, and both sound the exact same imo.  The main different sound quality wise is that the DSS has a significantly higher noise-floor, so it will show some signs of hissing even at its lowest volumes.

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ahh really, compared to my pc the astro sounds terrible


i was thinking its just black ops though as mw2 use to sound alot better


im using hd555s

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What about the sound do you particularly not like on the mixamp?  What is the soundcard you're using on your pc?  Both black ops and mw3 sound subpar to me, but they did set it up so it's easy to soundwhore.

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