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I got curious a few weeks ago, and decided to do some math. I started learning about 96/192khz recordings and the differences between CD and SACD, or more specifically, PCM and DSD. It should be known that I am by no means an expert or professional, and only have a slightly better than rudimentary understanding of these concepts, but assuming the uncompressed bit rate (or basically the bit rate of a .wav file) is the sample size multiplied by the sample frequency multiplied by the number of channels, I calculated these results for a number of audio storages (all for 2 channels only. I omitted anything in 5.0, 5.1, etc. since that usually refers to more energy output and not necessarily better SQ).

Remember, these are for .wavs only:

- CD in 16bit/44.1khz = 1411.2kbps
- DVD in 16bit/48khz = 1536kbps
- DVD in 24bit/48khz = 2304kbps
- Blu-Ray in 24bit/96khz = 4608kbps
- SACD in 1bit/2.8224mhz = 5644.8kbps
- Blu-Ray in 24bit/192khz = 9216kbps

Because SACD is encoded using DSD, a friend of mine says that I have to divide by 2 for some reason due to a quadrophonic signal. 


Please correct me of any misunderstandings/mistakes in my work.