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Amp recommendations for Grado GS1000i

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I just bought me a pair of Grado GS1000i. I'm quite happy with them and I use for the moment a Rhinelander amplifier from Lehmann Audio. So far so good but I'm thinking if the headphones maybe would gain much with a better amp. 
Here in Europe I've seen them paired with the Linear from Lehmann (some hifi-stores in UK sells them as a combination) and Naim Headline with NAPSC. I do not know if it is worth the extra cost though. From what I understand is the headphones easy to drive so they won't need allot of muscle and the Rhinelander seem to stand out very good in it's price range. But I'm thinking that an other amplifier maybe has better synergy.
Is there any amps that works very nicely with the GS1000i? Has anybody tried the Linear or the Headline with the Grados? I know there is allot of interesting stuff from the states but far from everything can be bought in the EU, and if maybe to totally different prices. But I would really appreciate tips on products that can be bought for 230 V or that easily can be changed. 
Sorry for all the questions.
Thanks in advance


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you can try leben cs300. :)

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Well, the idea has actually struck me. But I do not need a ordinary stereo amplifier at the moment, for those looking for both is it probably a good choice. No other suggestions?

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No one with experience or an informed opinion? I have no possibility at borrow home all amps and test myself in my own system.



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Has anyone tried alo pan am and grado gs1000i, i would like your input with this setup....


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