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For Sale: AR Silver Plated Copper Analog Interconnect Cables

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For Sale:
AR Silver Plated Copper Analog Interconnect Cables

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale are two sets of Acoustic Research Master Series Silver Plated Copper Analog Interconnect Cables. Features are:

  • Locking, 24K gold-plated precision-machined RCA-type connectors with split center pins: Superior fit for precise connection and improved signal transfer
  • Acoustic Research''s exclusive FNT (Ferrite Noise Trap) Technology: Provides the most comprehensive, advanced protection against noise and interference
  • Frequency-corrected, silver coated, very fine multi-stranded >99.99% pure oxygen-free copper center conductor: Improved signal transfer for delivery of full frequency audio range
  • Teflon Insulation: Provides the lowest dielectric absorption for highest signal integrity and accuracy
  • Two Layers of Shielding: one 95%+ copper braids and one 100% overlapped Mylar foil provides maximum isolation from EMI (electromagnetic) and RFI (radio frequency) interference
  • Highest-quality insulating and stranded fiber dielectrics with low constants: Improved signal accuracy and purity


There is a three foot set and a 6 foot set available. $20 for one set, $30 for both, shipped in CONUS

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