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I would like to say if anyone gets one of these that you really have to push the jacks into the amp so they are flush to the amp. If not then you will not get a good connection and it will sound like the music is underwater. 

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I saw your video. Its nice. Thank you :)


I kinda like the new clip feature. Most important question though, how does the sound compare to the older version of MBA? It looks like a redesign in terms of feature rather than sound though. But since you did mentioned it sound even better - would you be kind enough to give us a little more detail on that? :)




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So as you all know they have redesigned this amp to make it look even better and sound even better. Well i have just received it and made a unboxing and compared it sidewise to some other amps. I did however forget that as it has no volume control you can not use a LOD so my demo of me doing that is not obviously invalid.


I am sure that if you give them a email they may be able to sell one stand alone. They are very friendly!

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I recently got an E6 and chanced on soundvisionmag's review of 3 mini-amps including this one. I will try to get one :)

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The one in this review and in the sound vision review is the old version, check out my review for the latest version.

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Actually read that but I'm not sure how I ended up posting here biggrin.gif

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