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Originally Posted by Redcarmoose View Post

Very interesting read benzoylmethyl. You made your point perfectly on many different levels in complete fairness so I don't see how anyone could be upset by the write up. I have not purchased any custom IEMs or any expensive IEMs for that matter as of yet. My experience of trying friends has never urged me into it yet. I do though understand your hearing preference into the land of color and non-perfect but fun sound signatures, as I have based my purchases the same way.


My point here is it would be interesting to get another review from you in six months as you continue to adjust to them. Also another review in two years as you try new equipment. Also, I write this only because I have found that if I only have one pair of headphones, I start to understand them as fun after a while no matter what the sound is. The breakdown you had on your first listen going from full size favorites and jumping into the new IEM sound was both a fair and unfair thing do do to your perception I think. Fair as I understand your overall goal and unfair as in time your 1964s may seem to get closer to that end goal but with some tweeks.


It would be cool to see you try them with some of the portable tube amps in the future. I know your final notes stated that you were able to get some new fun out of the sig with a change of tubes. The other point you have made is how much they do respond to different amp choices. The cool part is they are nice to use for long term, but as I sometime look at life, there could maybe be a real reason why your with the 1964s? Not only would I try different amps but also different full quality sound files and maybe even a different DAP front end change.What I am trying to say is your fun Band-Aid could come from testing new equipment and from the last place you look! Getting them 80% there may be a place you adapt to in time. You could really learn to love them when you get to the 80% marker place.


So much of my choices in headphones end up to be "in relation to" choices and the differences that you have with owning a couple sets. I use my AH-D7000s almost 100% of the time just for that fun color sound that makes our hobby all worth it. I understand your point when the fun just starts to seem watered down by a dull sound signature. People who misread your write up are not in full understanding of personal sound needs in headphones and could read it as an attack on the manufacturer. I also though learned that headphone and stereo systems are really the total sum of all the parts and the sound is never dependent on just one thing.




Of course one set of headphones is going to sound noticeably different at times and sometimes grand sounding upon first listen. I am a member of the camp that believes a person can know if they like a system or headphone in 5 minutes. I'm not one of these people who write that it takes months to fully understand what is going on. That said though, I also believe that this headphone thing is not all cut and dry and that there is still a middle ground where people can be 100% happy with a sound that is 80% there for them. The last 20% gets a lot more respect than it deserves only because of the adaptive hearing of humans and what does take place if you only have one headphone for months on end. The whole purpose of Head-Fi seems at times to be about folks endlessly searching for that missing 20%. Many would be happy if they didn't do system changes so fast and tried a work around as opposed to drastic sales one after another. Many, but not all here also understand the pure power of the source in the not so easy to hear final sound in a pair of headphones or speakers. We all have seen many go about big down stream change outs only to discover it was a messed up front end causing them to not to get to the place they wanted. 



So when you have time, as I kinda know you will anyway, try and fill us in with your future equipment chang-ups and listening adaptations. It would be cool to read about.

This is actually something I was considering doing here.  But rather than doing another review, I'll probably just post a running log of how I feel about them in here.  I mean, honestly, they're already growing on me.  Part of the problem, I've realized, is that I'm constantly comparing them to the PRO900 and constantly lamenting the headphones they are not, rather than appreciating  the headphones they are.


Originally Posted by SunBakedEmoKid View Post

+1 lol i bet they're little kids tongue.gif


I'm a teenager and seriously, you must be seriously high to spend $500+ on a single pair of customs and doubly so if you're a teen like me cause where the hell do you think money comes from... But if it's you're thing then disregard my comment cause it's just my opinion...



Nice honest review btw.


Thanks.  And good question about where that kind of money would come from.  Either they are incredibly lucky to have wealthy and generous parents, or...I dunno.  Illicit substance sales?


Originally Posted by nikp View Post

How do you know about it? It's a forum, not a group conference call.


But really, we're not to blame. We write reviews whether it's criticising or praising the products. Head-Fi is not a forum for children. But if you're a child and you are mature enough, come join us and have fun. 



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Thanks a TON for your awesome review - especially for not sugarcoating anything.


I really enjoy my Pro 900s as well, but I use my IEMs for 6-8 hours a day to keep out office noise (though I guess my office is a lot more quiet than your work environment wink.gif) so I need them to sound good AND be comfortable. At the moment I use a pair of Westone 3 and while they're good, they leave me longing for more, so customs are the next logical step. Your review has helped me zero in on which customs to get, thanks for that!

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So did you get them?  I'm curious to know how you feel about them.  I've been away from head-fi almost completely for the last few months.  I need to update my review for these sometime in the next few days to relay my current feelings concerning them.

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Great write up! Your word choice really got the message across. 



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I didn't read anything in your review that would make an admirer of the 196-Q upset with you. I think you gave your honest opinion and that is all anyone could ask for. It doesn't come across as you hating the product. Regardless, it is what it is. I'm listening to my 1964-Q now, and with all the other IEMs I've owned (and or listened to - look at my sig), the Quad is still my favorite of them all.

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Nice review,


So I am going to make the step into custom IEMs. At the moment I am stuck between the 1964 -Q and JH 5 pro.


I have read around about the 1964-Q and I am slightly worried that I will be disappointed by the roll of on the highs.


I am currently using Audio Technica ATH-m50, and I like them but would like a little more mids, and just more over all clarity, detail and instrument separation. 


I would love to get some input from someone who might have both the ath - m50 and the 1964-Q or has heard both of them. I know that it might not be really fair  to compare sound of the two but its all I have at the moment.


Thanks for your time. 

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i heard the pro900 back to back against the quads a couple days ago, and i have to say i miss out on the mids with the pro900, the bass and treble presence make the mids shrink back by comparison.  i like the se535, srh1840, westone 4, beyer t1s, but the pro900s wouldn't be my cup of tea if were to only own one headphone.  i don't feel like i'm missing any bass on the quads vs the pro900s, and i prefer the quads for their instrument separation.  the treble extension is lovely on the ultrasones though!

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One potentially nice thing about custom iems is (if you don't already think it's snake oil) replacing the stock cable can improve or at least change the sound a bit. Good quality silver cables supposedly will improve the highs which may be a good thing for owners of the quads. Mine are being re-shelled and I'm sure I'll replace the cables with either SilverRays or some from Moon Audio at some point. I sure as hell hope I don't find the quads boring when all is said and done!

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Which is better for a bassist and sound engineer for a detailed sound, Quad or V6?

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