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Texas Meet (Saturday, March 10th, 2012) [Location Inside]

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See post 2 for current guest and gear list.


(1/29/12) I'll be putting together a list of suggested dates in March from people in the thread. We'll come to some sort of agreement.


(1/30/12) The location will be in Pflugerville (about 15 minutes outside of Austin). PM me if you want the exact info.


(2/2/12) The official date is Saturday March 10th. I'll be there from about 9am on so you're welcome to come hang out as long as you want. 


(2/12/12) Official time is 9am - 6pm. Packing up should begin at 5pm.


----- Location (I'll probably put up some signs) Parking for the first few people can be at the house, other will need to drop off gear and park at the baseball fields just down the road. 


1711 Serenity Dr.

Pflugerville, TX 78660



----- [Original Post]

So. I know there's been a lot of interest both from the people at the last Austin meet, and people in the area that didn't make it to do another meet. Most of what I've been seeing is DFW and Austin (and a few Houstonites in there, too). 


Anyway...I think it's time to stop talking and try to start making serious plans for sooner rather than later. The last meet had a great turn out and I'd only want this one to be bigger and better. 


First thing's first...location. I think that Austin is a good spot for it...being in between Houston and Dallas, but that's of course up to the other people interested. As of now I have an empty home available (might go up for sale, but seems it would be available for at least a few months), and we could of course talk to some of shops around town to see if anyone's up for sharing their space again. 


Secondly...people (of course). We had a good turn out last time but since that meet I have seen a lot more Texans pop up on Head-fi, so I know it could be bigger and better this time around. More variety, and more new friends. 




Of course PM me with anything I should add here. I'll be reserving the next post for a Guest/Gear List (like the last meet thread).


I know we can make it happen again, guys. Had way too much fun for it not to happen again.

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Gear List: (This is what people are listing, but don't hold anyone to it. Not all of these people are confirmed to attend)

MorbidToaster - Marantz SA8004, Audeze LCD 2 (Rev. 2), Cavalli Liquid Fire, Senn. HD 598

Jelic - Ultrasone Pro 900, FiiO E11

kmj2587 - Senn. HD 650, Grado RS2i, NuForce Icon HDP

pabbi1 - Ayon CD-1, HE-60, eXStatA Hybrid

nmxdaven - Modded Denon 2k's, Heir Audio 8.A, Grado HF-2, Modded Senn. 650, TubeMagic A1+D1 Combo, Pico Slim, Headstage Arrow

Deathdeisel - Senn. HD 595, D5000, FiiO E9, EiiO E7

elbastardo - Senn. HD 600, ATH-M50, ATH-AD700, Westone 4R, J3, ZO2, Rein X-DAC, Violectric V200, LCD 2 (Rev. 2)

bbophead - PS500, 325i (Woodie), Senn. HD 598, HiFiMan HE-300, Peachtree Nova, JVC XL-Z1050 CDP, DIY HP Amp

A Ham Sandwich - Monster Turbine Pro Gold, Denon AH-C560R, Bowers & Wilkins P5

Failed Engineer - HD580, RS1i, AD2000, Markl D5000, O2, Anedio D1, HM-801, HM-602, Headstage Arrow 2g

Maxvla - Schiit Bifrost, Woo Audio WA6 w/ Sophia 274b, Hifiman RE262, UERM, Shanling PCD300A, Rotel RDD-980, Pioneer DV-525 DVD, Stax O2 mk1

Yngwie - TF10, K702

treal512 - Hisound Studio-V DAP, digiZoid ZOv2.3, and Westone 4

dan1son -  HF-2, HF-1, MS-1, KSC-35, AGD compass, DIY Amp, Fubar DAC, Total Bithead

dmcs414 - Thunderpants TP1, CTH Amp, E-mu 0404 USB, ESW9, Senn. HD 595, ZO Amp, Shure SE535


Interest Check (People):
























A Ham Sandwich









Failed Engineer


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I'm up for dallas. woot

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I sent PMs to pretty much everyone that made it to the Austin meet last time so I'm definitely hoping for another good turn out.

Originally Posted by driftingbunnies View Post

I'm up for dallas. woot



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I'd love to make it (since I utterly failed last time)

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I signed up to go last time but wasn't able to at the list minute. But I'd love to give it another go.

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I'd definitely be able to do Austin again.  I highly doubt I could get away with traveling for something like this though... the wife acceptance factor would be low.  :)

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Still interested, if I can make it happen, I will do so. Probably have better luck this time around too planning so early and ill be pretty much done with school.

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I plan on being there since I missed the last one. Look forward to hearing some new gear.

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Sounds good, but what time are we talking? I might be able to make it to Austin over a weekend this fall, but next semester I will have practically no life until summer.



EDIT: I should have read the title rolleyes.gif. Well, I'm interested. Unfortunately I can't guarantee I'll make it.

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I'd try to make it, depends on if I can acquire a vehicle or not.

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Count me in!

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I can probably make it, depending on the actual date. Pretty ambivalent about where (Dallas, Houston or Austin), but there are plenty of Texas folk that we ought to do a really big meet. Maybe the Houston crowd will bless us, and more of the DFW guys can stand for a 6th Street outing.


In. You know what I'll have.

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Count me in!

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How are those Thunderpants treating you? Have impressions or review anywhere?

Originally Posted by dmcs414 View Post

Count me in!



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