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I had a pair of Pro 2500. I really enjoyed them. But when I got my HE-4 I couldn't look back. The HE-4 killed them in every aspect...except for one: Soundstage.


I happen to find that S-Logic works quite well for me. There really is this 3D-like immersion. Also, there is a lot less fatigue. I am missing these with the HE-4. Eventually I will need to try the Pro 2900 to find out for myself. I was also thinking that I might just save up for the Signature Pro instead as I believe that will be a firm upgrade! Also, there is the D7000 I've been dying to try since I first became a head-fier...

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I think at this stage I'm probably not looking for another open bassy can - I'd probably hop to a Denon if I ever get bored of my Hifiman.

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Hi, I have just got a pair of 2900's through the post and i'd like to get some advice if possible:
I am currently driving them through a Focusrite Saffire Pro 14, directly from the headphone out. I am unsure to whether this is capable of driving them adequately!?...When i raise the volume to around 8 (out of ten) the headphones begin to distort fairly heavily, (when the sound is not particularly loud).
Is this issue related to them being under-driven by my interface? I can't imagine from the reviews i have read of these and the pro 900's that they distort easily!?
Any help would be appreciated.
Raw Science.
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Originally Posted by ZenErik View Post

Considering these headphones. Does anyone have a comparison with the DT990? I'm considering one of those two. Which sounds better to you? Which has better bass? Thanks.

hi.  I just got my Ultrasone Pro 2900 today, with Moon Audio's Black Dragon Cable, with RSA connecter.  I have it hooked up to the balanced output of my SR-71b.  I have Cypher Labs Algorhythm Solo as the DAC.

I've only been listening to it for about 45 minutes, so take my very general impressions with a big grain of salt.  Compared to my Beyerdynamic DT990 600 ohm (which has the stock single-ended cable), I'm finding the 2900 to be much more coherent and smooth.  The DT990's treble seemed to be thin and disjointed from the mids/bass.  Also the bass seemed somewhat disjointed from the mids.

It might be because I'm using the SR-71b (considered a darker amp), but I'm not finding the 2900 to be harsh/bright at all.

The earpieces on the 2900, for me, are better than the DT990, because the DT990's are too big.  Also, the build of the 2900 seems better, as my DT990's headband adjustments were very loose [maybe i have a defective one].

Again, I've barely listened to the 2900, so keep that in mind regarding my above impressions.  Also, I'm hearing the 2900 with the balanced out of my SR-71b, whereas my DT990 is single-ended [just another difference that's not intrinsic to the headphones which could possibly contribute to differences in what I'm hearing].


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I'm not too sure. The pro2900 go rather loud before they distort. Definitely loud enough for mastering. Try driving them through something else. You could try to go to a nearby audio-store and hooking them up to another setup. Just claim that you're looking to buy a new source for headphones and, thus, you'd like to listen to it through your headphones. Burn-in seems to affect ultrasones rather heavily, so perhaps you could just give them some more time. In any case, I'm using my Ultrasone pro2900 through a Nuforce HDP as I'm writing this, and they definitely go louder than I'd ever need them to go. 

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I just received my 2900s yesterday.  I only listened to them for a few hours but I already get the feeling that these are high-end headphones.  They just have a very refined sound to my ears.  Everything is coherent, nothing is bloated or spikey... so to speak.  So far, I have had no issues with sibilance either.  The highs are nice and detailed and the bass goes deep but has great detail to it.  There's nothing boomy about it.


The only issue I have and I have had this with every Ultrasone I have used is the positioning.  The sound changes drastically when adjusting the position, even slightly.  It takes a while to find that sweet spot where I feel everything is where it should be.  I even had to look at myself in the mirror while wearing them to make sure they were aligned and straight...  


I am going to give these more time but I really do like the sound already.  So, if these get better with burn-in then I can't wait.

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i got the pro 2900 a couple weeks ago and i too really like the coherence across the frequency spectrum.  I do find the bass a little less textured/defined than I'd like.  With the caveat that mechanical burn-in might be grossly exaggerated, given the reputation of Ultrasones, I'm burning them in about 16 hours/day. 

One thing I found strange is that the headphone cable exits the earpiece at an angle towards the back.  It seems like it should angle forward like other headphones so it'll go in front of your shoulders better.

For my aesthetic tastes, the Ultrasones look awesome.  I don't like wood.  Also, they seem very durable.

I would prefer some kind of non-absorbent material for the ear cushions and under the top of the headband.  Also, the ear cushions are pretty stiff.  I wonder if they'll become softer.  For my ears, the circumference of the ear cushions is pretty much ideal.  Not too big, like the DT990 I have.

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I have some more hours of burn-in on the 2900s and they are really sounding very good.  Some of the best bass I have ever heard in a headphone.  However, I am just not getting the whole S-Logic thing.  I really don't perceive a large soundstage with these.  Most sounds appear to be close to my ears and I am not really getting the instrument separation and imaging that I was expecting.  


Also, the fit is becoming more of an issue.  I am constantly adjusting these on my head.  For some reason, I keep feeling like they are out of alignment on my head.  My ear also touches the driver cover on the left side.  That's not something that I can ignore, it bothers me.


It's a shame that I am having so many issues with the fit.  There are times when I get them aligned and straight and they sound fantastic.  However, it seems that I spend more time fiddling with them, trying to get a comfortable fit than actually listening to them.  Time will tell if these are keepers.  I have a pair of HE400s on the way and if these are as good as everyone says they are, then the 2900s might be returned.

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Thought you guys might wanna see the review I posted on my gaming thread. smily_headphones1.gif
Pro 2900

Surprise Review! biggrin.gif

I can't thank calpis enough for selflessly sending me his pair of Pro 2900 to review and compare. So all of you Pro 2900 owners, or those who were curious about them, thank calpis! I owe it to him to be a little more thorough in my impressions.

Okay, I've spent the last few days abusing my ears with almost nothing but Pro 2900 audio, so if anything, I can say I'm quite acquainted with them for the purpose of gaming. I was able to test them with a variety of game, including Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops, which are my go-to games for positional audio. Let me start with the build. Man, these are built like absolute tanks. Like seriously, it's plastic, but it's the strongest plastic I have ever felt on a headphone. The only other headphone that felt like an absolute tank was the M50, and these have those beat in just how ridiculously well built they are. You'd have to be a moron to break these. Now the sound for gaming. Just great.

Let me break down the specific aspects of it's sound.

Tone: They are bright. The Q701 sounds like a warm monster next to them. They are VERY aggressive sounding headphone. The PRAT factor is incredibly high here. They are super quick, with tons of bite. This is NOT a headphone to relax and chill to. This is a headphone to jam out to. They are also very revealing, and dry sounding. The sound doesn't have the rich body of the Q701 or the D7000. The Pro 2900 is weird in that while it's notably a v-shaped sounding headphone, it is quite analytical. The speed of the bass is so quick and unobtrusive, the recessed mids come out highly detailed (but quite distant). The emphasized treble just bring a very clear sound. If I could compare the Pro 2900 to anything, it'd be the DT880 and HE-4. The DT880 and HE-4 however had a warmer tone, richer body, and slower, more present bass making them more fun, personally.

Bass: These are supposed to have the same drivers as the mid bass monster known as the Pro 900, right? Well, they didn't sound like that to me. They initially started out somewhat bass light. The Q701 had more bass presence. HOWEVER, I dunno when it happened, but that changed. The bass on these? AMAZING quality. Literally the most articulated bass I have ever heard. I'm not talking quantity. I'm talking about how incredibly textured and quick the bass is. Something about how the bass notes hit that just blew me the hell away. You know how some headphones tend to have a one note type of bass that doesn't exactly sound realistic? Well, the Pro 2900 just presents bass in so many layers, I can't help but feel in awe. That being said, it's not particularly emphasized or strong, but they are definitely more present than the Q701. I'd put them on a DT880 level of bass presence. I like a bit more bass emphasis from fun cans like the DT990, HE-4, and D7000, but these are pretty on par with the DT880s in terms of quantity. Quality definitely surpasses the DT880 (which is slower) which was probably the second bass in bass quality for me. Seriously though, give them a very bass emphasized song, and you will be absolutely blown away by that masterful quality. Just don't expect them to immediately please you if you like some form of emphasized bass. The bass is there when a song absolutely calls for it, so I'd say it's the most natural aspect of the Pro 2900's sound.

Mids: This is their DEFINITE weak point. It's noticeably recessed compared to the treble. It falls shortly behind the bass, and quite a bit compared to the treble. Male vocals sound a little unnatural, but female vocals (due to mids going up to the treble) sounded quite unnatural. The Pro 2900 will not be one for female vocals, especially those who tend to bring out sibilance. They will murder your ears with the Pro 2900. On certain songs like 'Kaskade ft. Skylar Grey - Room For Happiness (Fire)', Skylar's voice was very metallic and unnatural sounding. When put next to the Q701... the recessed mids were staggeringly obvious.

Treble: The main actor in this show called the Pro 2900. The treble is prominent. I can't compare directly with the DT990, but it's up there. Not as ear destroying as the DT990, but it has no reservations about them being treble heavy. I'm guaranteeing this would be the deal breaker for a lot of people. That being said, while the treble while is prominent, it wasn't grainy. It was a very high quality treble. The DT880 and DT990's treble were grainier. The treble can be fatiguing, so take note if you like smoother treble.

Soundstage: I won't mention soundstage for music as I'm not too focused on it when I'm not gaming in virtual surround. For gaming, I felt the Pro 2900's soundstage wasn't exactly 'open'. It did spread out pretty far to the extreme left and right, but depth wasn't amazing. It felt like a cross between a closed headphone, and an open one. Considering the Pro 2900's are open, i was left a little disappointed in their soundstage. It wasn't airy like an open can. Felt like a closed can with a big soundstage.

Positioning: Okay, this is where they are indeed quite excellent. They are great at directionality. No complaints. Not the very best, but they won't bring any issues for gamers using Dolby Headphone. A solid performer, can't say anything negative here. GREAT. I had a 40-0 game on MW2 and a 32-0 game on Black Ops with these, so they are quite capable, I'd say.

Clarity for gaming: As stated before, they are actually revealing and analytical despite their v shaped sound. For GAMING, think of the Pro 2900 as a less bassy DT990 in terms of clarity.

Comfort: Ah yes, I was skeptical about them, because I've heard several complaints about them, especially the padding on the headband. Perhaps I was desensitized by wearing the K701 and Q701 for so long, but the Pro 2900's padding was quite literally the same as the PC360's headband padding which are non-issues whatsoever. The ear pads feel very similar to the Q701s. Lovely velour that is neither too soft, nor too firm. They were just fine, and cause no discomfort for me. As for clamp, yes, these have a mild clamp, so those who don't like clamp may be irked by it. I actually prefer it, because they stay in place. It's better than any of the Sennheisers I've used in this regard. The headband extension is great, and sturdy. Big heads shouldn't have a problem with the size.

Fun: 8 (The Mixamp pairs up quite well with the Pro 2900, and the bass was satisfying, but not overly powerful. When the bass hit hard, that quality of the Pro 2900's bass really shined.)
Competitive: 8 (Directionality was great. Soundstage could've been bigger, but it was great overall. Pro 2900 owners shouldn't have any issues kicking ass at least when it comes to using these as their main headphone).
Comfort: 7.5

Value: My biggest issue with the Pro 2900 is the price. It costs as much as the HE-4, and I honestly feel it competes more with the DT880/Q701 price range. The HE-4 is superior to me as a whole. The good thing about the Pro 2900 is that it easy fairly easy to drive and sounds great off the Mixamp. The HE-4 is most certainly the absolute opposite. The Pro 2900 sounds mid-fi to me, and not a bridge between mid-fi and hi-fi that the price seems to suggest. If these were price around $250-300, it'd be some serious competition to the popular Beyers and AKGs. As it stands, it's not good enough to warrant purchase over the Beyers, though if you happen to own them, they won't let you down.

Again, many, MANY thanks to calpis for sending them to me. You have my deepest gratitude.
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Thanks for the review post! Very articulate and well written. I don't agree completely agree with it, but hey! we all have different systems and unique sets of ears... bigsmile_face.gif


I would not claim that the pro2900 have very recessed mids and I also think their sound has more body than the DT990 and Q701. To me the mids seem slightly under-emphasized in light of the prominent bass and treble; they, however, don't sound distant or laid-back to me. Moreover, detail and the naturalness of its delivery is, in my experience, a good indicator of the overall quality of a headphone, and while the pro2900 might not be the most natural sounding pair of headphones, they are definitely more detailed than all <300 dollar headphones I've listened to. Thus, I do believe they warrant a premium price tag. I haven't listened to the HE-4, so I can't comment on that comparison. 

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I do think it has more body than the DT990, but not the DT880 or Q701.

Don't get me wrong, I do think they are very high quality, but having heard the HE-4, it just doesn't stack up.

As for music, I don't really care for S-Logic. It sounds odd to me and is a pretty good reason why I think it sounds unnatural.

But that bass... wow. A little more presence and I'd say it's the best bass I've heard ever. Well, second to that D7000 room filling bass.

Quality of bass is easily the best. Its addictive to hear that texture.

My NFB-5 is a very full sounding amp, and even with that, the Pro 2900 sounded dry and thin next to the Q701 and D7000. That's. In direct comparison. On its own merits, I didn't find it thin, though definitely dry.

Let me clarify that the K701 is dry and thin to me, while the Q701 is warm and full sounding. There is a definite difference.
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Fair enough. To me the pro2900 are very revealing and if the source has been poorly recorded they will most probably sound thin and shrill. However, play some Diana Krall and the body and texture is very good for a dynamic, even when contrasted to the lcd-2. But, I suppose to each his/her own.

Furthermore, my signature is rather outdated. I currently own Audeze Lcd-2 rev2, rooth customs with 6 drivers, pro2900 and audio technica esw9. The pro2900 sound the coldest/thinnest of all my headphones, but that probably has more to do with my collection of headphones. normal_smile%20.gif

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Definitely. I have owned the ESW9, and that headphone is waaaaay too warm. It had a lot of body, but with little treble to the point of it being notably recessed and unnatural sounding in that regard. A polar opposite to the Pro 2900. Hated the ESW9 with all of my being. I'd choose the Pro 2900 a million times over. I wouldn't get the LCD2 just because things I've read about it. I don't like treble that is noticeably lagging behind mids. Balance mids and treble is as far as I'd go, and usually some slight treble emphasis is preferred.

I honestly don't care if they costed $4000 and someone let me borrow them. Too smooth a treble is just not my thing. Absolutely no mid-rich headphones have done a thing for me, due to the treble being too soft for my taste.
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You should give the Audeze lcd-2 rev-2 a try. Rather than sounding recessed, the treble sounds very natural. I would claim that most dynamics have exaggerated over mids and lower treble, so in contrast the treble of the lcd-2 might sound a bit too smooth, but since when was smooth treble a bad thing? Most importantly though, you should take everything you read on these forums with a grain of salt. It's always best to judge for yourself.

The pro2900 have a upper-mid spike, which can cause female vocals to sound overly clear and, thus, somewhat unnatural. I've auditioned the Sennheier hd800 and thought the same to be true for them, albeit to a slightly lesser degree.

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I've read plenty who aren't on the 'LCD-2 is the greatest thing in the planet' mentality, and the biggest complaint is the treble. Considering treble is one of the most important things to me, I highly doubt 'natural' treble will do it for me.

The D7000 is known to the LCD2 nuts to have too much treble. Well, the D7000 has about the least amount of treble I'd want from any headphone. Any less treble emphasis, and I'd dislike the treble. It's right where I want it, and with certain sources, I'd want more treble from it. So yeah, the LCD2 is not 'it' for me.
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