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Updated the first post with link to Dbel's full review (first that I am aware of.)

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another impression from the Tokyo show - had already been posted, deleted ..dB



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Sky...........Thanks!  Great review as always.

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Ny Meet 11/12/11 Impressions

Originally Posted by vcoheda View Post


LCD3. i spent some time listening to the LCD3 on my own set up (Sony XA5400ES and HeadRoom Balanced Home). my first impression was that the headphone sounded very similar to the LCD2. the environment was noisy at times and i didn't have a LCD2 to compare with, but i'm not sure what all the excitement is here. i think the LCD2 is a great headphone (i used it almost daily) but it was hard to tell if the LCD3 is much better.

Originally Posted by bozebuttons View Post

The Lcd3 with the Woo6SE just sounded right to me, I did not listen to the LCD2 at his meet but I see an improvement that makes me want to pickup a pair of LCD3s.

Originally Posted by 563 View Post

I have to say that the Woo WA6SE/Audeze LCD3 combination though was just magical.  Smooth and very, very nice - although I'm not sure I'm a closed phone kind of guy - the phones are comfortable (the Audeze were new to me, as I had never heard the LCD2 before), but after a while, the leather makes my ears sweaty just a little bit.  Still, if I were to go closed, I would definitely consider them.

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Another impression from the NY meet:



Originally Posted by decur View Post

i also heard the liquid lightning stat amp,woo wes,headamp bhse all with sr009,and lcd3s with an assortment of really nice amps.

it was special for me to hear the sr009s and lcd3 again 1 month later to rethink my opinions.


at canjam,i thought it was a 15% improvement over my lcd2s. at this meet,i was able to listen to lcd3s with my own source/amp and music.

i am happy to report,that after hearing it again,i raise my rating to 20-25% better sound quality! these phones flat out rock!!

my only issue is i have a fat head,and the lcd3s if not possitioned in the perfect spot attop my noggin,will roll the cups forward !

i am on the fence,on getting these! decisions decisions? they sound so good though!




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Googleli's first impressions (Click to show)


Originally Posted by googleli View Post

Testing it on my fully balanced portable "brick" rig in office:


iPhone 4S -> CLAS -> iBasso PB2 -> SR71B.


Of course it deserves something better - e.g. my home rig - but even on this portable system, its sound is sublime. Listening to Jane Zhang's 有時候 and 上一章 in her latest album. These are very good songs with mids, highs, and sudden big change in dynamics towards the end. Her sound is so engaging and strong that if your gear isn't good enough her voice may sound harsh. The LCD3 just handles every aspect quite perfectly.


Again, whether it is worth the extra thousand is up to one's own decision. I think I will have a conclusion once I try it on my home rig tonight. To me, it is likely it is worth the extra thousand, if not more. 

Just auditioned the LCD3 with the Esoteric K01 and Leben. I don't think it is going back to the office any time soon. With the LCD2, the brick rig was more acceptable to me. But with the 3, after what I have heard it with high end sure and desktop amp, which I am doing at this very moment while typing this on an iPad2, I know that the brick rig I have spent so much time to build just isn't capable of bringing out fifty percent of the LCD3. Yes I did enjoy the session this afternoon with the bricks, but now that I hear it with my home rig, there is no going back to the bricks. 

I think for forthcoming LCD3 owners, it is a good chance to spend some good money on source gear. Please don't argue here, just go audition with your LCD3.  Time for me to seriously consider Zodiac Gold and Liquid Fire before bringing the 3 back to office.




Macedonian Hero's First Impressions (Click to show)



Originally Posted by MacedonianHero View Post

Right off the bat (zero burn-in) with a quick A-B over my LCD-2 Rev. 2s, improved soundstaging, tighter bass and cymbals seem alive (truer to real life than either the Rev. 1 or Rev. 2 LCD-2). So far....more evolutionary than revolutionary like the LCD-2s were (but definitely noticeable and enjoyable).

About the same weight, but just slightly more comfortable than the previous versions due to the softer ear pads. Not way more comfortable....slightly I would say (that's with 15 minutes on my head).

^^ Follow up on the treble...

Cymbals on Red Barchetta (Moving Pictures...remastered Deluxe Edition) sound more real than ever. The shimmer details are more apparent than on the R2 LCD-2s (which in turn were better than the R1s from my notes).

Very nicely done treble...added details WITHOUT making the headphones bright in any way....these still sound very much like Audeze headphones.

I don't want to comment too much more until I've got about 50 hours on them, but so far very promising.







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