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I finally received the new cables for my LCD-2s.  I took a long time to decide because I didn't want to spend a lot of money on what might be only a minor improvement, but decided to order cables because the stock cables for the LCD-2s were driving me nuts.  


They are probably the worst headphone cables I've run across - not sonically, but physically.  I just don't like the design - they catch on everything because they are as stiff as a 10 day dead snake.  They were always tugging at my shirt.  I also wanted something a bit longer so if I had to walk across my small study to retrieve a paper from the printer I didn't have to take them off.   They were a major pain in my listening.  So I went looking.  I googled, and read Head-fi reviews, and finally decided to send an email to Trevor at Norse Audio.  The price he quoted seemed reasonable to me, I like the options, and sent payment off.  Now, a few days later, the mail lady is pounding on my door with a package.  The cables are incredible - the workmanship is great, the packaging delightful, and the design choices are perfect for me.  The cables are flexible, with a cloth covering (I'm sure Trevor can give you the technical details) and have absolutely no microphonics at all.  If I rub it vigorously on my shirt not a bit of that is transmitted to the headphones.  


I have only begun to listen but noticed something immediately - the  Bach organ "grunt" that I thought I lost with the introduction of the Schiit Bifrost is back with a vengeance.  It's a palpable and immediate difference.  I listen to a set of recordings (Anthony Newman playing Bach preludes and fugues on Newport Classics - 4 volumes) a lot and am very familiar with their sound. (BTW: Some of the best Bach organ I've ever run across.)  I know what I was missing, and it's back.  I'm anxious to listen to some orchestral works, but I can't tear myself away from the Bach.


I've never met Trevor, have only emailed a few times all surrounding the purchase of these cables, but man, I'm impressed.    Thanks Trevor!


<>< DD