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Audeze LCD2, Grado GS1000, Senn 800 AKG702.

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Spent 40 mins last friday listening to Audeze, Sennheiser and AKG702. Time really flew and I don't think 40minutes was nearly enough but so far the Audeze seems like a winner to me. AKG sounded so lacking low frequency responce, the senns was very comfortable but less bottom and s-sounds a bit more pronounced compared to the audezes. But the audezes was not as comfy, a bit too tight and heavy, but I hope and guess this is mearly something getting used to.

Now, I did not have the oportunity to listen to the GS1000, but stumbled across a second hand ones. I have compared graphs of frequency responce and square-wave responce and they do look similar to my SR80, but with more amplified lows. Step-response are less ringing but I can't translate that into listening, peaking-wise it suggests that I will find those fatiguing as my SR80, or is this something that comes from the ringing observed in a 50Hz square-wave response?


Is it worth driving 100miles auditioning a set of GS1000 or will I only find them to be harsh and fatiguing?


Either way I think the audezes looks good on measurements, sounded good but I still don't know if I'm only reakting toward low high frequency repsonce and will find them dull and boring after a while?

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Yeah, I spent a little time with the LCD-2 and was impressed.  Bought them (rev.1) and kept them about a month.  No fun.  But, I'm a Grado type as it turns out.regular_smile%20.gif

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Yes, I think the GS1000 is harsh and fatiguing....but I love it still.

Drive safe.

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The K702 is not even in the same league....  lol...

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Actually, the Q701 may not be in ths same league but it's not too far away.  I find it to have a pretty accurate frequency response, more so than a whole bunch of more spendy cans, just a little hard and on direct comparison, a little cupped hands in front of mouth sound but only noticeable when flipping back and forth, which, after a while, you get bored with and just enjoy the music. smile.gif

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The K-702 are studio hps balanced and flat, I mean NO bass boost, no roll off treble and more amp dependent than any other hps.

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The Grado GS1000 is fantastic for low-level listening - I've not heard anything that sounds as good at low volume. As you increase the volume it loses it's charms and becomes very fatiguing.


If you like it loud I'd advise moving on from the GS1000, but if you listen at low to moderate levels it is well worth hearing.

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I despise the GS1000 and really like the other three headphones you are looking at (maybe because I don't listen quietly?). The treble is really painful and the mids sound sucked-out and weird. I wouldn't bother.

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Yep. That's is exactly. For low level headphone listening you need a pretty big boost to the lows and highs to make it sound normal. As soon as you turn it up it sounds all wrong. I love it though, but then I like headphones for quiet listening. I find speakers much more enjoyable when I want it loud - you get that lovely feeling of both hearing and feeling the music.

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If you're considering buying one pair among those 4, the only normal one is the HD800. The rest is too distinctive.

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Auditioned the HD800 again today for the best part of an hour or so with a Rega DAC and Violectric V200,

material was Daft Punk's Tron Legacy original CD. This CD is known for it's electronic sweeping landscapes

and occasional thumping beats, not to mention a tonne of really beastly, sizzling treble on the track 'Derezzed'


HD800 performed nicely, bass was full and quite the match for the closed Ultrasone Pro 2900 by my side

with the benefit of bigger sound stage.


It's a top 'one and only all rounder' headphone but the amp needs to be fairly super too.

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I also really enjoy the HD-800 with everything. Good amplification is a must, however.

I found the LCD2 good enough to buy, but haven't since the HD-800 makes me happy enough to use most of the time. Not a knock on the LCD2, it's more that I wouldn't use it that much.
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I'm going to get caned for saying this by the Audeze mafia but the lack of soundstage on the LCD-2 was

the deal breaker for me on something that retails for $1199AUD over here.


There is talk of a Christmas special on the HD800 over here (shhhh..it's a secret) and if it comes

within $400 (RRP $1699 HD800) then I would take the Senn in a heart beat.


LCD-2 rev2 is a good headphone and I can see why so many adore it, but I just can't justify the 'mids quality' when my

325i does a very respectable job on my reasonably decent rig.


It just didn't do a better job than the Grado when I played some Enya or Enigma.



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Amp was a Burson HA-160, and a McIntosh CD (201, 301 or 500, don't know). Guess that rules out issues with electronics.


Anyway, I do enjoy what I think is cranked up a bit, I also think the SR80 needs to be otherwise they sound boring, but if I do turn it up it won't be long until I need to take them off. Problem when listening to other HPs is that I'm so focused NOT getting a new set with treble-issues I might very well choose a dull and boring one.....


The HD800 sounded very lightfooted and focus on treble compared to the audezes, might not be an issue though, so guess I need to go back and listen to those two again for a longer session.

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You ask, "it is worth driving 100 miles to hear..."  I think the answer must always be yes to that question.  So rather than debate the merits of the headphones you mention (and I have the HD800, LCD-2, and Grado 60s, and have owned the 702s) I would suggest that hearing with your ears is always going to be the best way to decide whether or not a particular pair of headphones would be good for you.  Even if you hate them, you now know that and can factor that in to your search.  For example, I have read movie reviews by a particular critic - I know that if he likes it I'll hate it, and vice versa.  So when you play on head-fi and you find people who react to the GS1000s the same way you do, that tells you that you might (emphasize might) come to a similar conclusion.  I think that we sometimes forget that our ears, and our brains are going to be different than anyone else so our conclusions about headphones are never exactly the same. 


Another example for me.  I run the Schiit Lyr to power my LCD-2s, and I've read most of the tube rolling threads.  But I don't find that I like the same tubes.  True the thread has given me plenty of options to try, but just because one person swears up and down that a particular tube is the only one to have, I don't necessarily come to the same conclusion.


So I say, go the 100 miles and listen to what many consider one of the best headphones available.  When you're done you will have a much better understanding for yourself.  And, you won't always wonder if you should have bought something different.  


As for me, I'm glad to tell you what I like, but I'm more glad to help you discover what you like for yourself.


<>< DD

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