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How many USB cables do you own ?

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Chances are that you've accumulated quite a few over time, and it doesnt help that some DAC/amp manufacturers feel compelled to use proprietary connectors/cables. I was thrilled on the weekend when I realised that my T51 has exactly the same connection as my uHA-120 - clearly its a 'standard' USB cable and will be easy to replace if I manage to lose both cables. My MSII seems to use a standard A-B cable, as seen on many printers, but thats about as much luck as I've had in the cable wars.


Thoughts ?



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I have a couple A to mini-B's from digital cameras.


2 for my Cowon J3 (proprietary in the USA)


2 standard A to B (DAC, Printer)


1 A to micro-B (for phone)


1 more A to B


That's about it!  not really any extras around my desk.

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I have uh...a ton of random USB cables that have come with various electronic devices I've owned over the years.  No way I'd be able to count them all without doing a huge scavenger hunt around the whole house...


Not a single one of them are "audiophile grade," though!

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Geez so many scattered around the house it would be really difficult to get an accurate number. I know at least 5 mini usb wires.

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Too many to try to count them.

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Maybe 5 or 6 mini-USB, from various DAP's and external HDDs, two sync cables for my Touch, one from my Shuffle, a sync cable from my Zune HD, and two micro-USB....one 4" for my Clip Zip, and one long one for my Nook. And there's a Sansa Fuze cable kicking around too, even though I haven't had a Fuze in months. There may be more, but that's all that comes to mind right now....lol.


Edit....forgot about the cables for my two cameras, and the USB extension that  have....lol.

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Four. Two standards, one micro-USB to standard and one mini-USB to standard. I refuse to buy anything that requires proprietary crap and can only urge you all to do the same. 

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Far to many to find, much less count. Many duplicates.  A slew of proprietary.  Delighted that the microUSB/MHL standard is starting to show up frequently. At one time a made a wall rack with slots I could hang them each from.  My collection outgrew that rack in a flash.  Noticed my Sony S tablet didn't even include a USB cable. Yes, I already had (several) that would work with it.

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Too fkin many...


I have one for my iPod shuffle - another for my Nano..


One for my Sonys, one for my ereader (which I think fits my Clip Zip?, or perhaps my compact camera).


One for my phone - another for my radio, a different one for a Samsung


Two of these (I think, are the new micro-usb standard), but I wish I just had 2 - one long, one short, for everything

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I hope boutique audio designers are taking this on board - no more of the proprietary cables, please !

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I guess I'm trying to figure out the significance or purpose of this question?
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If you arent bothered by the fact that you get a different USB cable for every portable device you own, then I guess the significance is zero.

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In the family cablebox there are about:


6 USB A to USB A cables/extensions

3 USB A to USB B cables/extentions

5 USB A to USB mini/micro/mini B/whatever small form-factor is cool today

1 USB A to Samsung cord

1 USB A to Sanza Fuze cord

2 USB A to iPod cord.



Plus whichever cords are horded away throughout the house by my sister and dad

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