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Every Top-End Product of Every Headphone and IEM Brand Currently In Existence (Current Noncurrent List)

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LAST UPDATE: 7/31/2012


Hello all. A couple of months ago I started on a little project. I wanted to list the most expensive headphone or IEM sold by every such brand right now. Below is the result, but first, the rules:


I took into account only headphones that had no fold-out microphone (eliminating headsets), did not include can-amp combo kits (such as those offered by JH Audio and Westone), and attempted to find the top can of each company, excluding sub-brands (such as Technics, which is part of Panasonic). All prices are in USD, either taken directly from a manufacturer's site or, failing that, from an average of factory-endorsed retailers' prices.


This list is a definitive but fluid list hosted on a spreadsheet on my computer, and can be modified at any time. As I originally post this RMAF 2011 is going on, so I have already updated the list in the past 24 hours before publishing it to include new offerings from Audio-Technica and Final Audio Design.


Go ahead and post updates on this thread to keep it easily accessible and up there on the boards. Barring errors, enjoy!


$8,000.00 Final Audio Design Muramasa VIII Closed Over-Ears
$5,200.00 Stax SR009 Open Over-Ears
$2,749.00 Ultrasone Edition 10 Open Over-Ears
$2,148.62 FitEar MH335DW Custom-Fit IEMs
$2,030.18 Fostex TH900 Closed Over-Ears
$1,957.53 TakeT H2+ Open Over-Ears
$1,945.00 Audez'e LCD-3 Open Over-Ears
$1,799.00 HEAUDIO Jade Open Over-Ears
$1,695.00 Grado PS1000 Open Over-Ears
$1,649.22 AKG K3003 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$1,499.95 Sennheiser HD800 Open Over-Ears
$1,400.00 Fit-Ear Q-5 Custom-Fit IEMs
$1,399.00 Beyerdynamic T5P and Tesla T1 Closed Over-Ears
$1,363.44 Spiral Ear SE 5 Custom-Fit IEMs
$1,350.00 Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom-Fit IEMs
$1,299.00 Hifiman HE-6 Open Over-Ears
$1,298.03 Audio-Technica ATH-W3000ANV Closed Over-Ears
$1,275.00 Rooth LS8/LS8+ Custom-Fit IEMs
$1,254.56 Canal Works CW-L51 Custom-Fit IEMs
$1,223.13 Earsonics EM6 Custom-Fit IEMs
$1,149.99 JVC HP-DX1000 Closed Over-Ears
$1,149.00 Jerry Harvey Audio JH16 Custom-Fit IEMs
$1,099.00 Heir 8.A Custom-Fit IEMs
$1,092.20 Hitition New Tears 6-PRO Custom-Fit IEMs
$1,082.40 ACS T1 Live! Custom-Fit IEMs
$1,050.00 Sensaphonics 3MAX Custom-Fit IEMs
$1,050.00 Starkey SA-43 Custom-Fit IEMs
$1,000.00 EarPower EP-10 Plus Custom-Fit IEMs
$999.99 Denon AH-D7000 Closed Over-Ears
$999.99 Koss ESP 950 Open Over-Ears
$999.95 Altec Lansing A3 Custom-Fit IEMs
$973.93 Gui Ling CX8 Custom-Fit IEMs
$966.84 Precide Ergo A.M.T. Open Over-Ears
$950.00 Westone Elite Series ES5 Custom-Fit IEMs
$929.00 Unique Melody Miracle Custom-Fit IEMs
$900.00 Futuresonics mg6pro Custom-Fit IEMs
$850.00 Tunz Trio Custom-Fit IEMs
$765.00 Dream Earz Audio Earz AUD-7X Custom-Fit IEMs
$748.62 Audio Interu EXH-313 Closed Over-Ears
$699.99 Sleek Audio CT7 Custom-Fit IEMs
$699.00 Alessandro Music Series Pro Open Over-Ears
$669.00 Wan Xuan i9 Pro Custom-Fit IEMs
$650.00 Shure SE535 Special Edition Universal-Fit In-Ears
$613.44 Minerva Mi-3 Custom-Fit IEMs
$600.00 Fabs Fabulous Earphones Custom-Fit IEMs
$599.99 TEAC HP-F200 Bone-Conduction
$599.00 Phonak Audéo PFE 232 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$595.00 Prada Over-The-Ear Headphones Closed Over-Ears
$589.00 Fidelity Quads Custom-Fit IEMs
$569.96 Kozee Infinity X3 Custom-Fit IEMs
$550.00 Thunderpants TP1 Closed Over-Ears
$540.00 Thousand Sound TS842 Custom-Fit IEMs
$525.00 1964-Q Custom-Fit IEMs
$519.74 Ambient Acoustics AM4/ AM4 Pro Custom-Fit IEMs
$515.35 Lear LCM-3 Custom-Fit IEMs
$499.99 Sony XBA-NC85D Universal-Fit In-Ears
$499.95 Beats Audio Beats by Dr. Dre Pro Detox Edition Closed Over-Ears
$499.95 Monster Cable Miles Davis Tributes Universal-Fit In-Ears
$499.00 Aclair Crankmaster 3000/Tour/Reference Custom-Fit IEMs
$480.00 Etymotic Research ER-4S Universal-Fit In-Ears
$450.00 Molami Pleat Closed Over-Ears
$445.00 Fischer Audio FA-002W Karelish Birke Closed Over-Ears
$400.00 Aerial7 Royale Closed Over-Ears
$400.00 PSB M4U 2 Closed Over-Ears
$399.99 J-phonic K2 [all versions] Universal-Fit In-Ears
$399.99 Kenwood KH-K1000 Closed Over-Ears
$399.99 Kenwood KH-K1000 Closed Over-Ears
$399.95 Symphones Magnum Open Over-Ears
$399.00 Pioneer SE-DIR800C Closed Over-Ears
$399.00 Spider Moonlight Closed Over-Ears
$399.00 Aurisonics AS-1 Custom-Fit IEMs
$379.89 Elega DR-631 Closed Over-Ears
$369.00 CharterOak SP-1 Closed Over-Ears
$350.00 Able Planet Clear Harmony NC1000CHA118 Closed Over-Ears
$350.00 Bose Quietcomfort 3 Closed Over-Ears
$349.99 Klipsch X-10i Universal-Fit In-Ears
$349.00 German Maestro GMP 450 PRO Closed Over-Ears
$345.95 TDK TH-ECBA200BBK Universal-Fit In-Ears
$339.95 JTS IE-6 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$329.00 Ortofon e-Q7 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$325.00 Phiaton PS 500 Closed Over-Ears
$318.76 IXOS dj1001 Closed Over-Ears
$300.00 Bowers and Wilkins P5 On-Ears
$299.99 House of Marley TTR Destiny EM-DH001-IO Closed Over-Ears
$299.95 Soul By Ludacris SL300 Closed Over-Ears
$299.00 Goldring NS-1000 Closed Over-Ears
$299.00 Phillips Fidelio L1 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$275.95 Focal Spirit One Closed Over-Ears
$269.99 LTB Audio System Q-Home-FX Closed Over-Ears
$269.99 Onkyo MHP-UW2 On-Ears
$259.95 Jays Q-Jays Universal-Fit In-Ears
$256.08 Nobil i-o-Ta On-Ears
$249.99 Scosche IEM856m and IEM856md Universal-Fit In-Ears
$249.99 Skullcandy The Mix Master Closed Over-Ears
$249.99 Mix-Style Novel Closed Over-Ears
$249.95 Fanny Wang 2001 Closed Over-Ears
$249.57 Atomic Floyd Minidarts and Airjax Multiple
$249.00 Microsonic EPIC JC and EPIC X Universal-Fit In-Ears
$230.00 V-Moda Crossfade M-80 Closed Over-Ears
$229.99 Yuin OK1 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$225.00 DD Audio DXB-02 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$224.00 Roland RH-D30 Closed Over-Ears
$217.05 EOps H1 Shadow Closed Over-Ears
$215.00 Brainwavz B2 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$214.42 Shiro****a Sound Warrior SW-HP10 On-Ears
$206.00 Vsonic GR01 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$200.00 Bang and Olufsen A8 Clip-On Earbuds
$200.00 Creative Aurvana X-Fi Closed Over-Ears
$200.00 Moshi Clarus MFI Universal-Fit In-Ears
$200.00 Nixon RPM and Master Blaster Closed Over-Ears
$199.99 Harman Kardon EP 730 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$199.99 Panasonic RP-DH1200 Closed Over-Ears
$199.99 9W NW-Studio PRO Sitting Earbuds
$199.95 Yamaha HPH-200 and EPH-100 Multiple
$199.95 NOCS NS800 Monitors Universal-Fit In-Ears
$199.95 California Headphone Company Silverado Closed Over-Ears
$199.00 Allen & Heath Xone XD-53 Closed Over-Ears
$199.00 Amphony Digital Wireless Headphones Model 2500 Closed Over-Ears
$188.00 Aircoustic Studio Monitor Universal-Fit In-Ears
$187.00 WeSC Bassoon Closed Over-Ears
$180.00 DBI Pro-700 Closed Over-Ears
$180.00 Edge Tech Corp GX400 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$179.95 M-Audio Studiophile Q40 Closed Over-Ears
$179.00 CrossRoads HR1 Sitting Earbuds
$179.00 Munitio [M] Universal-Fit In-Ears
$170.64 EXS X20 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$169.95 Direct Sound EX29 Closed Over-Ears
$158.90 JBL Reference 220 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$156.47 TFT Acoustics TFTA-2100-2V1S Universal-Fit In-Ears
$150.00 HiSoundAudio PAA-1 and Crystal Multiple
$150.00 Radius HP-TWF11R Pro Universal-Fit In-Ears
$149.99 Motorola HT820 On-Ears
$149.99 Numark ElectroWave Closed Over-Ears
$149.95 Kicker HP541TJ Closed Over-Ears
$149.00 Eskuche 45S Closed Over-Ears
$149.00 KRK KNS8400 Closed Over-Ears
$149.00 RedGiant AO3 Ossicle Universal-Fit In-Ears
$148.76 Xears Impulses X1200PRO and Giant Force XGF500PRO Universal-Fit In-Ears
$146.08 Nakamichi NEP-XT1 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$140.27 Pickering PC-100 Closed Over-Ears
$140.00 Vetted Idea On-Ears
$139.60 Jamo in40i wEAR Universal-Fit In-Ears
$137.00 Califone NC500TFC Closed Over-Ears
$133.16 Novac Champion HP-850XB Closed Over-Ears
$131.00 Audiovox Acoustic Research AWD210 Closed Over-Ears
$130.00 Jabra Halo2 On-Ears
$129.99 Lenntek Sonix Roots Closed Over-Ears
$129.99 PureSound ClarityOne Universal-Fit In-Ears
$129.99 Rocketfish Atmos Closed Over-Ears
$129.99 SOL Republic Tracks HD Closed Over-Ears
$129.99 Steelseries 7H Closed Over-Ears
$129.99 Ashidavox ST-3 Closed Over-Ears
$125.48 Goldendance MGD-01 Bone-Conduction
$123.43 Zumreed ZHP-015 X2 Closed Over-Ears
$122.77 Urbanista Copenhagen On-Ears
$120.74 LINDY Premium Hi-Fi Headphones Closed Over-Ears
$119.99 Rock It Sounds R-50 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$119.00 Marshall Major Closed Over-Ears
$114.00 Dunu-Topsound Hephaes Universal-Fit In-Ears
$112.68 Marantz HP101 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$102.00 Sunrise Audio SW-Xcape Impressive Edition Universal-Fit In-Ears
$101.75 Zero Audio ZH-BX500 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$101.00 Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones Closed Over-Ears
$100.00 Asus NC1 Closed Over-Ears
$100.00 Clarion WH204H On-Ears
$100.00 ECCI PR401 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$100.00 Genius BT-O3A Clip-On On-Ears
$99.99 Alesis AHP1 Closed Over-Ears
$99.99 Elago E7 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$99.99 Rockford Fosgate PP15mm Universal-Fit In-Ears
$99.99 Thinksound Rain Universal-Fit In-Ears
$99.99 Noontec Zoro On-Ears
$99.95 Earjax Lyrics Universal-Fit In-Ears
$99.00 Equation Audio RP-21 and RP-22X Closed Over-Ears
$99.00 Jaybird Sportsband On-Ears
$99.00 Storm Cyclone PR2 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$98.00 MARC BY MARC JACOBS Miss Marc Closed Over-Ears
$97.90 Dealextreme Designer's On-Ear Folding Stereo Headset Closed Over-Ears
$91.99 Digital Silence DS-321D Universal-Fit In-Ears
$90.53 多摩電子工業 (Tamadenco) ING Sound Labo S1210HR Universal-Fit In-Ears
$89.99 MEElectronics Clarity Series CC-51P Universal-Fit In-Ears
$89.99 Takstar TS-660 Closed Over-Ears
$89.00 Maxell NC-IV Closed Over-Ears
$89.00 Velodyne vPulse Universal-Fit In-Ears
$88.00 Feels Pro 900 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$87.98 Sentry HO500 Closed Over-Ears
$86.00 GE JASCE99002 On-Ears
$80.00 DUAL Electronics EXH44 Closed Over-Ears
$80.00 Farenheit HP-900S Closed Over-Ears
$80.00 Music Valley SP1 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$80.00 Pyle PHPW2 Closed Over-Ears
$79.99 Blue Ever Blue 868B Universal-Fit In-Ears
$79.99 iFrogz Frequency On-Ears
$79.99 Landport Music Earmuff Closed Over-Ears
$79.00 Apple IEM Universal-Fit In-Ears
$79.00 Hippo VB Universal-Fit In-Ears
$79.00 Nuforce BT-860 and UF-30 On-Ears
$79.00 Sherwood SE-777 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$79.00 SonoCore Cindy Universal-Fit In-Ears
$79.00 Woodees IESW100L Universal-Fit In-Ears
$77.70 Vestax HMX-1 Closed Over-Ears
$75.00 Hauppauge Xfones PC-2400 Closed Over-Ears
$74.99 Thermaltake Shock SPIN Closed Over-Ears
$74.44 Muse MU-EXEC Universal-Fit In-Ears
$70.00 Aiptek NC-8000T Universal-Fit In-Ears
$69.99 Ankit To Live, To Love Universal-Fit In-Ears
$69.99 AUVIO Stereo Wireless Headphones Closed Over-Ears
$69.99 Brookstone Clear Universal-Fit In-Ears
$69.97 Jensen JHF350 Closed Over-Ears
$66.00 Ed Hardy Stereo Headphones Closed Over-Ears
$62.61 Ministry of Sound MOS006 Closed Over-Ears
$62.46 Visang VS-R03 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$60.00 Kensington K33084 Closed Over-Ears
$60.00 Urbanears Plattan Closed Over-Ears
$59.99 H20 Audio Contact Waterproof Universal-Fit In-Ears
$59.99 iLuv iHP615 Closed Over-Ears
$59.99 Razer Orca Closed Over-Ears
$59.99 Zalman ZM-RS6F Closed Over-Ears
$59.95 Jlab Audio Q1M Universal-Fit In-Ears
$59.00 Mustek MTB-SA120 On-Ears
$54.00 NextBase Dual-IR Closed Over-Ears
$53.98 Pure Sound PUR-1000 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$53.98 Wicked Little Buds Wi-2303 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$53.78 neu HX-5000 Closed Over-Ears
$50.00 Alcatel NSRX3C2ALC Sitting Earbuds
$50.00 Coby CV 290 Clip-On On-Ears
$50.00 Cyclone PR1 Pro Universal-Fit In-Ears
$50.00 Q:Electronics ANC 778 Closed Over-Ears
$50.00 Soundmagic PL-50 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$50.00 Zune Headphones V.2 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$49.99 iHome NB464 Headband On-Ears
$49.99 Elecom 240 Series Universal-Fit In-Ears
$49.99 PNY Uptown 200 Series Earphone With Apple Controller Universal-Fit In-Ears
$49.98 Classic Pro CPH7000 Closed Over-Ears
$49.95 Alpine SHS-N205 On-Ears
$49.95 Arctic Sound E461-BM Universal-Fit In-Ears
$49.95 PADACS Aksent Universal-Fit In-Ears
$49.95 Superlux HD668B Open Over-Ears
$49.95 RHA MA-450i Universal-Fit In-Ears
$49.90 Coloud R2-D2 On-Ears
$48.94 dB Logic HP-100 Closed Over-Ears
$48.49 Grundig 562 Swingphone Universal-Fit In-Ears
$47.18 Rio PHP-200 On-Ears
$46.00 Aiwa HP-AJ123 Headband On-Ears
$45.00 Miu-Audio MR2 Pro Universal-Fit In-Ears
$45.00 Sumajin Earphone Closed Over-Ears
$42.45 Gavio Metallon Sgull Clip-On On-Ears
$42.19 Merkury Innovations MB-HL2EB Closed Over-Ears
$40.00 Blox M2C Sitting Earbuds
$40.00 RadioPaq Duo Closed Over-Ears
$39.99 Radio Shack Wireless Headphones Closed Over-Ears
$39.99 Sylvania SYL-WH930GB Closed Over-Ears
$39.99 Thanko CATBUD Universal-Fit In-Ears
$39.99 Logicool LPSP-11000 On-Ears
$39.00 Hosa Technology HDC-800 Closed Over-Ears
$39.00 Nike Vapor Universal-Fit In-Ears
$38.67 JESTTAX RE-368 On-Ears
$38.32 Astello Radiance+ Universal-Fit In-Ears
$38.00 Gemini DJX-05 Closed Over-Ears
$37.13 Nagaoka P-801/L2 Closed Over-Ears
$36.98 Vertex VTH-HD01 Closed Over-Ears
$36.30 Axes AH-G100 Closed Over-Ears
$36.00 Compucessory CCS55230 On-Ears
$36.00 Howard Leight Sync Closed Over-Ears
$35.99 SkunkJuice FG On-Ears
$35.00 Behringer HPS 5000 Closed Over-Ears
$35.00 Memorex DJ100 Closed Over-Ears
$34.99 Bounty Hunter Teknetics Closed Over-Ears
$34.99 PointMobl In-Ear Stereo Headset Sitting Earbuds
$34.49 Kanen KM-880 On-Ears
$34.44 Vivanco Teccus TA-915 On-Ears
$33.50 Bravo IH O2A On-Ears
$33.41 Garrett Electronics Master Sound Closed Over-Ears
$33.15 Sharp HP-MD1 On-Ears
$30.00 A4Tech G-Cube iChat On-Ears
$30.00 Cube F1 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$30.00 Emerson HP-1050 IR On-Ears
$30.00 Freestyle Waterproof Universal-Fit In-Ears
$30.00 Hasbro 75782 Headband On-Ears
$29.99 GreenHouse Angel and Devil Universal-Fit In-Ears
$29.95 Jewel Buds [all models] Sitting Earbuds
$29.95 KonoAudio Retro On-Ears
$28.91 Cresyn CS HP500W Closed Over-Ears
$28.08 Soundevice SD-2900CD On-Ears
$28.00 IOGEAR GBMH211W6 Clip-On On-Ears
$26.00 Boss HP-10 On-Ears
$25.50 Monoprice Foldable NC Headphone Closed Over-Ears
$25.17 Maximo ip-HS1 imetal Sitting Earbuds
$24.99 Cyber Acoustics ACM-7002 Closed Over-Ears
$24.96 Micro Innovations MM705H Sitting Earbuds
$24.54 Kinyo KY-2701 Closed Over-Ears
$24.33 Micro Solultions RSEP01 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$24.06 Elpard RD-A310 Closed Over-Ears
$24.06 Ever Green EG-ER50 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$24.06 Excel Sound EH-95 Closed Over-Ears
$24.00 Jensen OEMHP1 Closed Over-Ears
$23.00 Digicom IP-206 On-Ears
$22.00 Earsquake PIXI On-Ears
$22.00 Macally TUNEPALPRO Universal-Fit In-Ears
$20.03 Brightonnet BI-RACKEAR Universal-Fit In-Ears
$19.99 Nerf N889E On-Ears
$19.99 Southern Telecom Stereo Headphones On-Ears
$19.88 Zenex DGL WH1005 Closed Over-Ears
$19.67 EarHugger EH-240 Sitting Earbuds
$19.13 Yazawa On-Ears
$19.00 Griffin Tunebuds Universal-Fit In-Ears
$18.00 AudioSource NCHD1AS On-Ears
$16.00 Digital Blue DIB-685 On-Ears
$14.04 Sanwa Supply MM-HP201 Closed Over-Ears
$13.00 Body Glove EarGlove Sport Universal-Fit In-Ears
$11.48 ダイソー サウンド-ヘッドホンNo.1 On-Ears
$10.02 AudioComm HP-500N On-Ears
$9.99 Labtec C-110 On-Ears
$8.79 Custom Try HP-170 Closed Over-Ears
$7.00 Garmin Monoaural Headphones Sitting Earbuds
$7.00 Magnavox HL-125 On-Ears
$6.00 Maike MK-EL5031 Universal-Fit In-Ears
$2.99 Compaq 0002EB Sitting Earbuds
$1.28 Marushichi FH-40 On-Ears
$1.28 大山コーポレーション AU-618 On-Ears
$1.26 Can*Do NO.17100 On-Ears

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Thanks for the compilation although i'm not entirely sure what might be the purpose of this list.


Anyways, I think the Shures current flagships are the SE535s and i'm pretty sure that Ortofon are still selling their E-Q7s.

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I would take off the non-audiophile brands (such as Beats), if I were you. smily_headphones1.gif

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Originally Posted by sennheiserhd485 View Post

I would take off the non-audiophile brands (such as Beats), if I were you. smily_headphones1.gif

The purpose was to include everything I could find, including consumer brands. It gets really monotonous in the $10-50 range, but it was worth it for me to see the distribution.

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Those must be really..  really..  expensive..  limited edition Fischer Audio DBA-02


And you also forgot that Westone does customs as well, which are far more expensive than the W4. (and the W4r)

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I'll go over the list once I get back from a trip I'm on (according to my spouse I'm supposed to be computer-free. Oops.)

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Precide Ergo AMT is missing.

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Please include Audeze LCD-3 and delete LCD-2 from the list. LCD-2 is no longer flagship no more.
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Triple fi!! how could you miss that? :)

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Earsonics EM4 :)

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The listings for Westone, Shure, Audez'e, and Earsonics has been updated, and the Precide Eargo A.M.T has been added. Keep sending in changes if you see anything amiss!

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Kinda misleading with the MSRP(?)... Normal priced, no sale HD800 including taxes can be had here for less than imported ATH-W3000ANV without taxes. =D Denon AH-D7000 is usually more expensive than HD800 too. Could this be just in Finland, I don't know.

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^Very good point.  The prices on a lot of the cans on the list is all in dollars and should be stated as such.  It's crazy how much Grado goes in EU and other parts of world. 

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I think the JH13's should be included along with the 16's, as they are basically their top tier offerings with different flavours and a small price difference. Also you missed out the FutureSonics MG6 Pros.

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The Fischer Audio DBA-02 is still..  about..  4 times higher than what I'm comfortable to pay.


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