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For Sale: Mb quart qp45x

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Mb quart qp45x

Will Ship To: USA

back for sale due to bad international experience

Mb quart qp45x. works great. a few scuffs, pads slightly worn, no rips.  $35 shipped in usa =now 30$


Goldring In great condition. price includes shipping in usa. $55.00. SOLD!


international must pay for express shiiping with tracking. this adds 40$. I have had a bad experience and dont like giving away money!

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price dropped

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Oh, I'm your huckleberry.


Very best,

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Can you comment on the sound signature/quality of the mb quarts? I can barely find anything about them online.

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the quarts have a very flat response, very even throughout the spectrum. some might say boring, hardcore peeps generally like them. needs an amp

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Thanks, I'll pass in that case, looking for something warm and not needing an amp.

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Which quart model are those?


They certainly aren't the QP400.


I might be interested if they isolate well (I know Quart cans typically dont, haha)

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they are a 45x. i had them as a 40, thought that doesnt sound right and changed to a 400 w/o looking 1st.


they are a closed headphone but do not isolate much

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