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New Bose OE2 - Any impressions?

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Bose quietly released an update to the original OE about a week ago, promising more comfort and better sound quality. 


They also offer them in white and an optional mic now. 


The original OE got a bad name around here because of SQ so lets hope they worked hard to please us audiophiles this time. Anyone heard them?

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I would like to know as well!  According to the cnet review, Bose has seemingly done away with its signature "Bose bloat," bringing a more balanced and natural sound, while maintaining build quality and excellent comfort factor.


One thing is for sure...the white model is a looker


Edit: link to the review here

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I have never found cnet to be a reliable source
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Originally Posted by lazyredhead View Post

I have never found cnet to be a reliable source

Fair enough, but they seem to be the only ones who have reviewed it >.<

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I've heard it. Doesn't sound too different from the first OE. Only had it for like 10 minutes though.

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Sound like a concert hall. Could have better highs. Lows felt good. I like the soundstage. The sound is closer to you but yet like you at the front row of a concert hall. I am listening to classical music with them on right now.


I have the senn hd595, ath-m50. The HD595, have clearer, better mids and highs but shallow bass. The ATH-M50 strike a nice balance of everything, although there isn't much soundstage.


The OE2 are the most comfortable of anything I've ever tried in this class, and not compared to in-ear stuff.


I'd the say the price is a little high , i'd lower it about 20-30 bucks on sound quality alone but compared to anything else in comfort I'd say the money is there.


Oh, the cord is short and fragile, but detacheable so maybe I might look for a replacement that's more durable or get a few of these cause I know what the future holds.



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