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Mark, How would you compare these to the RE262?

the 262 is warmer and richer.  the tandem is balanced thought but the 262 is pretty slanted to the lows and mids.  the 262 is in detail terms a clear step up and id say top tier stuff but they have a definite flavour.  the tandems are much more evenly tempered.

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Thanks for warm response guys, we were not so sure how this phone will work out. Inspiration for this comes from vintage big speakers, so its not modern modern in any way. Also it changes a lot with burn-in. 

And we noticed that for most people the small silicone eartips with big soundhole are best sound-wise. With shallow fit especially, through its not very good for isolation.

We will try to put hard case in most our future earphones.

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Mark, how do you compare these with the TF10's? I think you got a pair of those as well...

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they are very very different.  the TF10 are better and the opposite in sound.  the tf10 is very V shaped and the tandems are all open and middy.  they are much more balanced where the tf10 has oft been described as mid vacant.

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which tips do you use on them?

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Tandems sound great with silicon eartips from Ortofon

also Sony hybrids provided nice resolution overall




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which tips do you use on them?

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