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whats your budget? Digital inputs or just USB

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Guys, thanks for the answers, but i already bought Adam A3x, now im looking for DAC/soundcard :)


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Hey guys, me again! i bought the Xonar STX (order) it will be here in 3-4 days.


Now few questions...



Atm im using them with the stereo link technology, which basically makes one speaker master, so turning the volume on the master speaker, increase the volume to the other as well.  in few days i will be getting the Xonar STX, and i want to know can i use the stereo link still or? because only one cable goes into the soundcard (no matter onboard/STX) to connect to the pc, in order to use stereolink, so one of the left/right outputs of the STX will be left un-used...dunno if this is ok or?

1. Do i lose sound quallity on that way? (using only 1 output)
2. What is the best way to connect the A3x with the STX?

3. Anyone using stereo link and share some opinion about SQ, pros & cons etc?right
4. Do i got enoguh and the right cables to connect the speakers with the STX? are the cables which come with the A3x the right ones to do this? because atm i use stereo link with stereo cable, dunno if the cables which come with the A3x are correct ones...sorry i'm kinda nooby with audio still :D 


Here you can read about Stereolink

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1. STX > RCA (L) > A3X #1 (Unbalanced In)

2. STX > RCA (R) > A3X #1 (Stereo Link Input)

3. A3X #1 (Stereo Link Output) > A3X #2 (Unbalanced In)


So that...


1. A3X #1 has all three RCA sockets occupied with three separate cables

2. A3X #2 only has one RCA cable connected to the (Unbalanced In) socket


The Stereo Link feature is great. The supplied Stero Link cable is of good quality and should suffice for most installations. Pros include simplicity of configuration and ease of proper gain staging. Studio monitors such as the A3X are fitted with input sensitivity controls vs. volume pots  i.e. a reduction in SNR is not as great of a concern with increasing attenuation. Cons include increased wire travel and reliance on unbalanced (RCA) cables. This tends to be an issue when faced with the prospect of usage within an RF dominant environment. For those reasons and because high quality balanced (XLR) products are easily sourced, I have chosen to use balanced cables all around. 


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In the $500-600 range, I'd go with the Yamaha MSP5 Studio.  Active, of course.

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Reporting back that A3x sound amazing with Xonar STX, but most proly i will replace them with Focal CMS 50, or Neuman KH 120.

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