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Cardas Earbud / Hearing Aid Project (aka Cardas Mirrors)

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Tyll of IF recently noted this about the Cardas "Earbud" (now known as Cardas Mirrors) ...

I think it was at this year's CES ten months ago that George showed me a new in-ear headphone he was working on. [...] O.M.G! Buttered ice cream! These little cans are absolutely unique and tasty sounding. [...] The general consensus was that they were quite unique sounding, and very pleasantly so.

Strange that this IEM has not been mentioned on Head-Fi yet... maybe the keyword "Earbud" threw off Googlers searching for their next, latest-n-greatest IEM fix ;) They are NOW called "Cardas Mirrors".  IAC ... Cardas' web site still suggests that this is an ongoing project.




Interesting ...IAC... anyone know the OEM for this IEM? they look a bit like Final Audio's dynamic IEM ...



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@OEM maker: I'd have to check --- and will if I review them --- but I think he's doing it all on his own.

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The body looks like a solid + milled chunk o' metal  -- methinks brass. And that may be unique [not sure what the top-of-the-line dynamic FA bodies are comprised of??]. But ... as far as totally an "inside job" by George? That's a huge chunk of a diff kind: R&D $$. Not sure a relatively small player like Cardas can dish out that much dough. Probably a Grado-Yashima type symbiosis.


EDIT: Perhaps ... an OEM with an all-metal (experimental) body and the expected HQ Cardas cable (see images in new reply below)


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Some more pix and a  "review" (February 11, 2011):


Okay, they're comfortable. But how did they sound? Well, the Grado GS1000s have always been my personal reference because they sound warm, open and expansive with full, realistic bass response. The Cardas earbuds easily matched and even surpassed the sound quality of the Grados, expanding on all of their strengths. These are the first earbuds that made me say, "I need these."







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i want this!

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If you do a search for Headroom Cardas there is an interview with George Cardas.  They talk about the buds.  This was RMAF

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could you at least provide a link to that?

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Any updates or news regarding the Cardas Mirrors post 2012 CES?  Cardas even started up a dedicated Facebook page to promote them.  I read they are expecting to ship in March.  I haven't seen any initial impressions reported from CES / THE show blogs.




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Hi All,


Andy Regan from Cardas here. For those of you that came to CES you had the opportunity to hear the Cardas EM 5813 Ear Speakers. We will be releasing full info the end of this week and will post it all on our page on Head-fi. Jude also did a full interview with George at the show along with pictures and video which I am sure he will post soon.


The EM5813's were designed from the ground up by George Cardas and the "Ear Mirror" designation stems from the fact that they "mirror" the human hearing system from the driver size, to the curves of the ear piece matching the Cochlea which is a perfect Golden Ratio.


The EM 5813's will come in two models:


Model 1: Is in a Black Chrome finish and will sell for approx $324.00 Retail


Model 2: Is in a Copper Finish and will sell for approx $424.00 Retail


The difference between the models is more then finish, they have different drivers in them and have very different  sonic characteristics and efficiencies. The reaction at CES was very positive and we look forward to hearing your (the headfi community) opinions.


Look for information this week on our page and thanks for all your interest 

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Thanks for the update, Andy. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the updates.



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Looks good. Subscribed.  I'm wondering if the $100 difference describes a more neutral/reference sounding signature.

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i hope this is better than any iems on the market right now...


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Initially, for a second, I thought I was seeing the $1K Final Audio model.  The Cardas sure look pretty.  Unlike most other IEM cables, at least we know the Cardas is without question top notch.  I loved my Cardas cable when I owned the HD600/650. 

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seems like the prices on this iem changed, it got up quickly from the first time i remember, the post is about 200-300usd for the top of the line model.

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Hopefully headroom will have a discount code when they carry them.  I'm pretty sure there will be only a few distribution store fronts that will carry them.  I'm going to wait until there's a good review on them first before pulling the trigger.

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