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Slight bass emphasis compared to what?

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Agreed with you! Very impressive performance. Very european sounds, although it is not a ultimate headphone, but very warm sound, fine high and mid range freq.! No harsh of high frequency response, musical and engaging headphone.


I would prefer it over my other similar price range close-ended headphone, e.g. P5, T50p, etc... Value for money!



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Got these last week. They are amazing! So pure and musical.

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Seems like an interesting pair of cans. For $200, if they sound good, they could be a fantastic headphone for someone looking for a good looking portable headphone.

Will definitely be keeping an eye on these.

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Agreed with you! Enjoy!

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wrote a short review for these if anyone's interested: http://www.head-fi.org/t/629731/review-focal-spirit-one



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I had a chance to listen to these today at my buddy's store in Everett, WA. The build quality is top-notch, aluminum, vinyl and stainless steel. I listened to them for a few minutes through my preamp's (ESA 66-001p) headphone output, they sound great! Of course a longer evaluation is in order but my first impression was good. More sensitive than my Sennheiser HD448's, but that's not hard.

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