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For Sale or Trade:
TRADED: Creative Zen 32GB

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hi guys.  Wanted to post this up here and see if there was any interest for this DAP.


The device in question is a Creative Zen.  It's the original Zen, not the Zen X-Fi or any of the numerous myriad variants that came out later.  I paid nearly full-price for it when I bought it long ago, more years than I can remember now.  It's probably gotten less than a total of 50 hours of use since purchase.


Device capacity is 32GB flash.  It can also take an SDHC card.  I have a 16GB card in there right now, which I'll send with the DAP.


The player isn't capable of playing FLAC, but it can play WAV files.


The Zen has an InvisibleShield.  There are no scratches or cosmetic flaws on any of the surfaces.


I don't have the original packaging or the earbuds that came with it.  I just have the player and the included USB cable.  However, rest assured, it will be packaged carefully.


I'm entertaining offers right now.  I'd also be interested in trading for some mid-fi universal IEMs.


Thank you for your time and interest.

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