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Ok its confirm.. It is the W4 with removable cable...

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Originally Posted by takafi View Post

Ok its confirm.. It is the W4 with removable cable...

Nice find! Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh at this weekend's Tokyo headphone festival. 


Not much use for me tho.

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this is breakthrough technology and advancement indeed!!


Who woulda thought!!  4 BA's ..  and RC!!

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Hm slightly different sound sig than w4, I read on another forum. Anyone heard more about this?

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Different sound sig than W4? That's quite interesting, although I have no idea how reliable the source is. 

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That 4R is one ugly bright orange log.

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That'll be interesting to see. Although I see no reason why they would introduce a different SS, afterall, it's an upgrade to the w4.

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Originally Posted by SoulSyde View Post

I would definitely guess a W4 with removable cables.


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Who knows how reputable this is:


"But what makes the R-Series different from all the other ultra high-end headphones available out there?

Well, Westone says that its four driver armature and Acoustic Symmetry technology are the main advantages, with the latter coming to guarantee that the sound won't vary by more than +/- 2dB between the two earpieces.

In addition, users will also get Westoneʼs new EPIC removable cables, which allows them to replace the cables of their headphones if they become damaged .

Other accessories nclude an inline volume control, 1/8 to 1/4 adapter and premium fit kit with multiple foam and silicone ear tips.

All these features come for a retail price tag of $499 (360 Euros), so sound quality would better be top-notch if Westone wants to stand any chance with its R-Series headphones."


And another


"In addition, Westone 4 R-Series earphones ship with Westoneʼs new Monitor Vault. Designed specifically for transporting high-end earphones and manufactured in Colorado of a high-impact polymer, itʼs the perfect size for travel and storage. Each Monitor Vault features a protective foam interior and weather resistant design"


And they are up:

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