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So, Sony Ex600...maybe

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Recently I've been in the market for some new IEM's for use in the office and while traveling.  The Sennheiser CX300's out of my ipod have held me over for the past few years, but now the itch for something new is growing.


To preface this, I typically listen to classic rock, indie, metal, classical........most everything.  Not having any experience with IEM's outside of my CX300, I've been pouring over these forums trying to make a choice and hoping I choose correctly.  So I looked at pretty much the whole range of universal IEM's (customs are a bit pricey for me).  On my short list were the um3x, ie8, sony mdr-7550 (I understand these may all have very different sound signatures). 


While the um3x was my top choice, I was hesitant to pull the trigger at $320.  That's when I came across the Sony EX600 for $125, and after reading some mixed reviews I decided that at 1/3rd the cost of the um3x, they were worth giving a try.


I have not even received them yet and cannot comment on their sound, but I wanted to put this post up in case anyone cared to give me their impressions on my choice.  Care to compare or contrast any of those models (um3x, mdr7550, ie8, ex600).  How do the EX600's fare against the pricier universals?  From everything I've read here they sounded like good bang for the buck.


All comments, suggestions, comparisons, or whatever are welcomed.

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For the EX600 I did not enjoy the comfort/fit and isolation. Mainly because of the way they hugely stick out and doesn't feel very mobile. And even after burn-in I found treble to be a tad bit much. 


They are however very beautifully made and the sound is very nice despite the little annoyances. But overall I find those "Favorite of the Month" FOTM IEMs largely overhyped and overrated. YMMV.





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Assuming you're aware of the EX600's weaknesses (fit, isolation and wind noise) and got a genuine pair for $125, I believe you've made an excellent choice.

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I do agree that the EX600 has poor isolation, but it really does take deep insertion to isolate its best as well as sound the most neutral.  I love the fit and enjoy the sound.  For a single dynamic driver they are amazing IEM's.  The sample pair I tested have a small crack in them so I question their long term durability, but they in no way feel cheaply made.  For $125 I say go for the EX600.  They would be a steal at that price.


I was able to exercise with them in my ears and had no issues.  I did use some Comply T-400 tips because they fit my ear canal better than any of the stock tips.  There were no discernable microphonics and in no way were they uncomfortable while I was working out.  It did take a while to figure out the best way to insert them and wrap them around my ears, but once I practiced they were easy to fit.


If you are going for absolute best sounding IEM for the price you are probably better off with the Audio Technica CK10 dual armature IEM.  They are much more balanced sounding due to there being two drivers instead of just one dynamic driver.


If you are going for great sound for lower cost the EX600 will suit you just fine.  You can see the charts here:

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Thanks for the responses guys.


I grabbed them from here:


with the 40% off code.  I think it was "MROCTOBER" or something to that effect.  hopefully they are legit.

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never had any regrets with these whatsoever... its been with me 2-3 months now and i'm still enjoying it like crazy! trying to be musically versatile with it as much as possible and it always sounds good etysmile.gif

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Well, just got them.  Initial is annoying, soundstage sounds 'odd' (not sure how else to describe that), seams bass light.  I'll give them some time to burn in and get used to them before I rush to any judgment.  but my first impressions of them are kinda blah.  perhaps it's b/c I just had my D5000's on.

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