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yeah I love the cable as well! it's nice and allows me to move around easy as peas if i'm using them on the go. these things are also insanely light.


I could see that as being beneficial for DIY-ers but for anyone else it seems....like midrange said, just neurotic.

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Originally Posted by thelostMIDrange View Post

Some nicely recorded cymbals and vocals in that one mozu. I'm listening through little koss's.

It was more a response to the soulless machine thing. biggrin.gif
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how is it related? .........I was referring to the freq analyzer machine vs the human ear. Is there a difference, do they pick up and/or spell out the same response?  Do they value the same things as being important etc.....was what I was suggesting.......

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how does it sound on a set of magnums? It's a very clear and spacious recording with the koss. I can imagine even more so with magnums...

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It's...a good-natured joke. Your comment put that song in my head, ergo...
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I see now, it's the content/title/lyrics you were joshing about. I'll have to go back and pay attention to that.......... I instantly went to the sound and assumed that was what we were talking about. mystery solved.......

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I think 'ol gary has stepped across the line of man/machine 3o years ago. he was a pioneer of sorts. The kind I fear most !

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Probably the only explanation for how he's still going. wink.gif

His 2011 album (which I'm listening to as I type) is just awesome.
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he says his synth replaced all guitars, drums etc. and talks about the electric machine friend that won't betray him, how he feels safe in locked cars and edgy when walking around in the open etc.........I have a hard time relating to the detached robotocism but I do understand something about the forces that act upon him to make him feel that way.  they are all over the place. He must have picked up on it deeply and early....And it relates to headphones, and the different needs of different people/music

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SYMPHONES PARTS PRICING - (Shipping is Additional)


Magnum V4 Drivers



Magnum Aluminum Air Chambers- Anodized + Damping material, each complete with 6 SS mounting screws


Magnum Gimbal Assembly, Anodized Aluminum, 2x side mounting pins, 1x10 degree pin+ SS Rod Stock headband mount, Anodized Rod Tips, & quarter cut out for cable lead


Magnum "M" emblem



Hi all,
As it's impossible to read all 90+ pages of this thread at one go, can I ask which parts you guys deem the most VFM to change? I assume the best is to get a cheap second hand SR60 and mode it up or it will be better to get the full Magnum kit, as listed above, to assemble. At how high a level of the Grado HP chain do you guys think that's equivalent to in terms of sound quality? Well, PS1000, PS500, etc?
Thanks for your invaluable feedbacks on these as this thread really got me interested.

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Well, if your talking about modifying your headphone, with a magnum driver there are many routes.

If you are only looking for is a change in drivers, then all you really need is a cheap second hand sr60i's and then just change the drivers. Another option is to look for plastic cups from people who have already modded their headphones to wood and the grado headband from those who have already modded their headphone with the sony headband. Alternatively, get the plastic cups then the sony headband. If you have already made up your mind on modding your cups, you can save some money by searching for people who are using the sony headband mod (search for people on the thread) and pm them asking if they are willing to part with their stock grado headband and gimbals, it should cost less than actually getting a secondhand sr60i. For these just see which is the best bargain you can get. 

If you are looking for wood cups, there are options of Marty's cups or ohrenholz. Either one will do. You might want to compare prices and read up on forums on which type of wood sounds the best; thelostmidrange is the professor at that =) Or if you have a good relationship with a carpenter, they could come up with cups if they are skilled (might take lots of trials).

Lastly if you are looking for aluminum, either use the stock plastic cup and get the aluminum insert that symphones offers, or get a secondhand grado sr325, or someone who has already modified their sr325i with wood for their aluminum cups and youre good to go =) With a secondhand grado sr325, one thing to note is that you still will need the aluminum insert if you want a full aluminum modification, or a wood insert, or just use the stock plastic rings that come with grados, then just sell the sr325i drivers.

For cables, either use the stock cables or get custom cables.

All the mods listed above have the potential to increase the sound quality of the headphones, other optional modifications would include, rodblocks, changing the grill with metal mesh (sr60i-sr225i), gimbals, headbands, the magnum emblem, rod tips, mostly cosmetic and / or mild improvements.

I personally love the magnums with wood cups (cabillas sapele wood cups, no longer in production) and rate them as sounding better than the rs1's. I plan to mod mine soon with stock aluminum sr325i cups with wood inserts in search for a ps500 sound. In terms for value for money, at the top of the list is the magnum drivers themselves, next comes either cups or cables. To be safe, you could just start with a secondhand sr60i modded with the drivers and decide which mods to go on from there. Hope that helps =)




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Thanks Jin!


Wow, Nicole, a very comprehensive options list of what can be considered! Excellent there for all would be modders to consider at all budget levels. Like me ..........L3000.gif





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If you don't mind saying, where did you get the cable?
Originally Posted by Melvins View Post

yeah I love the cable as well! it's nice and allows me to move around easy as peas if i'm using them on the go. these things are also insanely light.

I could see that as being beneficial for DIY-ers but for anyone else it seems....like midrange said, just neurotic.
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So as a new Magnum V4 owner I thought I'd chime in. My current other can/IEM are a pair of SR80's and a shure e3c, so I've been out of the head-fi game for quite some time chasing 2 channel bliss instead. Well during the last few weeks I had found myself breaking out the sr-80 and having a good time with them through my xonar essence. Then I got to reading head-fi, and we all know where that leads :D . I ended up with a pair of one piece Mahog cups from thelostmidrange and some black V4's and let me say it's a pretty nice step up from the sr80 though I'm almost taken aback by the fact that it seems a lot darker at least it does with the quarter mod flats I'm using, I could be I'm just used to the bright nature of the sr80. Anyway the sound plums a lot deeper into the bass then the SR80's and the air and detail are great without the glare. Now I suppose I need to pull out and recap/repair my old HLLY little dot clone. Any suggestion on pads, as the flats sound nice if a little dark, but my god they destroy my ears for anything more then 45-60 min.


This place is evil, I love it.

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Modded 414 pads. So comfy, not as dark as the flats.
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