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Lured by their excellent pricing, I tried Shipito again. It was a BIG MISTAKE. A few days after I created my account, they froze it (without me having used it even once) and required that I sent them:


- Mailing original notarized 1583 form. 
Find the the form on your

- Uploading two forms of government issued, photo ID


As someone who's been a victim of identity theft in the past (albeit possibly accidental) and had to spend months correcting the problem, spending frustrating hours trying to convince government officials that, no, being born in 1975, I could not possibly have been working as an accountant in 1984, I'm very wary of sending full copies of any documents that could be used to forge a fake ID at my name. As for getting a form notarized, it's a process that is both time-consuming and fairly expensive. So I refused and asked for the $8.50 I'd already paid to be reimbursed in full. They refused. So for the very first time since I registered with PayPal, seven years ago, I had to use their litigation process to get my money back.


It hasn't been a pleasant experience.




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