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Yes, the UM2 and Ety are 2 different beasts.  Actually W2 is closer to ER4 with a bit more bass.  UM2 is warmer and much fuller sounding and needs a little treble EQ but is outstanding in many areas.  It comes down to personal preference.  Going from Ety to UM2 you would wonder where the highs are, at least initially.  But UM2 are so much more musical and fun and natural.

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Just get a zo and forget about it.

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Originally Posted by yhs9688 View Post

I'm looking for the exact same kind of IEM as alphaxono.

I have the Etymotics HF 5 and is looking for something with more bass.

I started falling in love with trance and really need some bass to enjoy the build-ups in the song.

I looked into westone 3 and Sony EX 1000, but they are little bit out of my price range.

Is there anything that offers clarity like the Etys and strong crisp clean bass around 200 ish?



Originally Posted by yhs9688 View Post

How's SONY MDREX600 and Ultimate Ears TripleFi10?

The TF10's are extremely fun and musical sounding, and as a trance addict myself, I can personally vouch for them. They are among the most enjoyable in-ears I've encountered, and if you're looking to enjoy the build-up in trance tracks, they're no slouch, by any means. The EX600, however, is a better price:performance value in my eyes. For one, the EX600 sounds more natural to my ears, and the midrange is right where it should be, unlike the TF10's slightly recessed mids, as compared to it's boosted highs and lows. Hence, when it comes to many of my vocal trance tracks, the TF10's mids left me with much to desire, but there's always the infamous flip-flop mod which definitely did the trick for me (PM me if need be, I'll explain it there). Even still, I personally find the EX600 easier on the ears, great on comfort, and isolation can definitely be improved if coupled with the right tips. Detail and clarity isn't at all lacking either IMO. Under $200, each of the 3 are highly competent in-ears (especially for trance), and it'd simply boil down to ones preference. As far as price:performance is concerned, the EX600 would deserve my highest merit, with the GR07 being a close second, followed by the TF10. smile.gif



Originally Posted by alphaxono View Post

What is moving me towards the Sony EX1000 is the common opinions that the sound is quite bright with some nice bass. But i still don't know.

They may sound bright, but only in the best of ways IMO. In the few months I spent with the EX1000, I never once thought the highs were even the slightest bit harsh, excessive, or fatiguing. And no, I'm not by ANY means a fan of an overly bright signature, hence why the DBA-02 and CK10 (while excellent in-ears in their own right), never appealed to me personally. From the highs on down to the lows, I found the EX1000's presentation near flawless. Based on SQ alone, of 36 in-ears I've come to own, it's my most preferred. The only reason I even considered selling my own pair was because I found their younger sibling, the EX600, quite close to the EX1000's own signature/presentation. I'd recommend either one any given day.

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Originally Posted by SkinnyPuppy View Post

Just get a zo and forget about it.

Ditto. I'd do no different if I were in the OP's shoes.

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So basically what I am reading is that the Sony EX1000 is not going to be a step up towards audio nirvana compared to the Etymotic 4P + Zo?

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Depends entirely on you my friend. They're both extremely competent in-ears. Without the Zo in the mix, I personally prefer the EX1000. Combined with the Zo however, the ER4S is easily up to par, and it depends solely on ones preference. I mist admit however, the EX1000, while excellent unmapped, is simply exceptional when paired with the Zo. In a nutshell, my preference is as follows:

Unmapped: EX1000 > ER4S
Zo + ER4S = EX1000
Zo + EX1000 > ER4S

It may be quite the opposite for you, but in any case, from my experience, the Zo works exceptionally well with either one. In your shoes, at a third of the cost of an EX1000, I'd definitely give the Zo a chance. smily_headphones1.gif
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So if:


EX1000 > ER4S
Zo + ER4S = EX1000
Zo + EX1000 > ER4S


Zo + EX1000 > Zo + ER4S


True? Thanks for all your input.

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Indeed, but I could see it going either way depending on ones preference. smile.gif

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TS842 which uses has the Ety sound in the mids and treble and dynamic bass punch with plenty or reverberation and sub-bass.

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The beauty of the Ety ER4S is that its sole shortcoming is an "error" of omission, the lack of LF extension.  None of the IEM's mentioned as potential alternatives come remotely close to the Ety's transparency and accuracy.  Yes, it is pretty much a one-trick donkey but no IEM approaches its trick.  With the right source and recorded material, angels sing.  But, not an all-arounder IMO.

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I would say re272. The dba02/b2/ck10(to an extent) are still light on bass, have less details and can be sibilant at times.

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Both dba02 and ck10 had much more bass than etys and while I haven't heard the 272s, they appear to have even less bass than the etys from a few reviews I have read on them. 


Anotehr way is to try etys with Shure Olives. I like bass and I was quite satisfied with etys+olives. 

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It's ironic you mentioned that, because just minutes ago, I tried my medium size olives with my ER4S for the very first time. Indeed, while they do slightly accentuate the lows, the highs are compromised, and begin to sound ever so slightly laid back or even recessed. Personally, I prefer the comply T-100, as they offer added comfort, without compromising the Ety's signature (more or less). The best combination I've found for the ER4s thus far is with the T-100 and Zo. Nothing quite like it.

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I like the supplied Ety charcoal foams. 

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I was just playing around with the Equalizer of iTunes and this is the setting that I like for many types of music that I listen to.

Maybe based on this someone can steer me...

SQ Setting iTunes.png

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